Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Telit initiative shortens time to IoT monetisation

Steve Rogerson
February 20, 2019
Telit has announced OneEdge, an initiative developed to speed IoT deployments and reduce the time required to monetise the digitalisation of businesses.
OneEdge is a software suite for Telit's cellular LPWA IoT modules. With integrated, secure, easy-to-use tools, it simplifies design, deployment and management of IoT products and services, enabling a leap ahead into the 5G connected world.
OneEdge solves long-standing problems related to integration, scalability, management and costs that architects and their enterprise customers face as they implement IoT to transform their businesses. The offering is designed to accelerate time to market in an industry that is expected to scale to three million-plus new cellular connections per day by 2023.
OneEdge provides:

  • Zero touch on-boarding: making products operate automatically out of the box, lowering costs of initial deployment, making it simpler and more secure.
  • Device management: managing data and cellular systems needed to connect devices to the cloud or enterprise ensuring each device has the most up to date firmware and application software.
  • Security built-in at point of manufacture: hardening products to attacks, leveraging layers of security from the module through cellular transport to the delivery of information to user's systems.
  • SIM-less cellular subscription management: integrating directly into the LPWA module, SimWise is a subscriber identification product that reduces cost and complexity for IoT deployments, for example spanning multiple geographies and multiple carrier coverage for guaranteed SLAs.
  • Edge programmability: providing tools to normalise data and define the logic and behaviour of devices. It also simplifies and automates key tasks of sending and receiving data and managing cellular connections between devices, clouds and enterprises.
  • Simplified enterprise integration: enabling the critical integration of IoT into enterprise systems and business processes to consume and extract value from device data.
"Endpoint intelligence is becoming more critical as the market progresses to use of smarter devices," said Dan Shey, managing director at ABI Research. “And at the edge, low power, low cost and small size are key drivers for larger-scale device deployments. IoT-ready modules built on OneEdge address multiple market needs and challenges, reducing the complexity and lifecycle cost of IoT deployment, provision and management."
OneEdge will first be available on Telit's ME910C1 category M1 and NB1 module series with generally available in the first half of 2019.
"With OneEdge, we simplify all aspects of IoT implementation for our customers by saving them time and money, reducing their risks and speeding time to revenue by easing deployment," said Alon Segal, senior vice president at Telit. “OneEdge-based products are born IoT-ready to connect, to interact and to deliver the next wave of productivity through successful, beyond-the-hype digital transformation. OneEdge leverages Telit's vast experience and pioneering work in the IoT, delivering intelligence at the edge for a more connected and secure IoT."
Telit will be among the first providers of data cards based on Qualcomm’s second-generation 5G New Radio modem, the Snapdragon X55 5G modem and its antenna modules with integrated RF transceiver, RF front-end and antenna elements. The data cards are for enterprise network appliances, branch and remote office routers, fixed wireless broadband internet access, and other bandwidth-intensive applications benefitting from speeds more than ten times as what a median LTE device can deliver.