Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Telefónica partners Subex in IoT cyber-security unit

Steve Rogerson
April 17, 2019

Spanish telco Telefónica has partnered Indian telecoms analytics firm Subex to form a cyber-security venture focussing on the IoT.
As the number of devices connected to the internet grows, the risks associated with them also grow in parallel. To address these threats and to promote IoT implementation, Telefónica has set up a cyber-security unit with a twofold objective.
On the one hand, the unit will strive to expand the existing catalogue of IoT products and services offered to its customers and, on the other hand, will develop IoT security technology to cater to the existing and emerging threats faced by businesses deploying IoT services.
This unit will leverage Telefónica's existing network infrastructure and the Kite Platform, an IoT connectivity management platform that allows businesses to improve efficiencies while reducing costs.
As part of the technology developed by this initiative, Telefónica, via its ElevenPaths cyber-security unit, has expanded its collaboration with Subex, with whom it already offers fraud management-as-a-service (FMaaS). The scope of collaboration has been extended to analysis of the data traffic generated by IoT devices, and detection of specific threats in this field.
Considering many IoT devices have limited capabilities in terms of in-built software to protect them, the offer of cyber security embedded within the network and traffic is a differential factor. Subex's IoT-specific platform can analyse traffic by applying machine-learning algorithms, generating an alert every time it detects a threat that jeopardises cyber security of the IoT device.
"Cyber security has become one of the companies' priorities," said Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO of ElevenPath. “We are seeing the emergence of a culture around security that is sensitive to processes, strategies and methods designed to minimise risks while increasing value. This collaboration with Subex represents a step forward in our strategy of helping companies protect their investments, assets and credibility.”
Together with the detection of threats in the IoT, the cyber-security unit will also offer management of secure credentials for devices and DNS security.
"This agreement will add a new dimension to our existing relationship by enabling us to work together towards securing the IoT ecosystem," said Vinod Kumar, managing director and CEO of Subex. "Amidst all kinds of attacks by cyber criminals and other groups, we want to protect the ecosystem and ensure that IoT projects deliver value. I am confident that IoT businesses will derive significant benefits from our joint efforts."
Founded in 1992, Subex operates one of the largest honeypot networks in the world across around 60 cities. It has over 300 installations across more than 90 countries.