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Telekom Austria ramps up telematics with industry-specific offers

Iain Morris

February 20, 2014

Telekom Austria has expanded its portfolio of M2M offerings with the launch of six new telematics products aimed at specific industry sectors.

The products have been developed in partnership with Austrian telematics player CEplus (Timelkam, Austria) and will allow customers to monitor equipment through the use of sensors and a cloud-based software platform.

One of the services, branded POLAR, has already been deployed in the Austrian municipality of Gries am Brenner, says Telekom Austria (Vienna), where it is being used to document snow-clearing and salt-spreading operations in real time.

By providing evidence of rendered services, POLAR is designed to protect customers against liability risks, says Telekom Austria.

The Austrian incumbent says the other services are aimed at the markets for passenger cars, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry vehicles and refrigerated freightways.

The services will allow customers to record details of operating data, such as service times, tank levels and consumption, temperature and hydraulic and electromechanical data.

“With our solution portfolio for efficient fleet management and asset tracking, we are able to flexibly meet every possible customer requirement,” said Bernd Liebscher, managing director of Telekom Austria Group M2M. “In addition to our expertise in the area of communications technologies, we are also contributing our international sales power to make technically complex solutions easily accessible for our customers.”

The services yet to be introduced are branded PILOT, LORRY, THERMO, COUNTRY and ROBUSTO.

PILOT is an electronic driver log for field service providers’ fleets and freight vehicles, while LORRY provides fleet management for trucks.

Catering to the need for monitoring of cooling chains in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry, THERMO allows customers to protect temperature-sensitive goods while they are being transported – providing real-time alerts when there are deviations from pre-defined temperature ranges.

Meanwhile, COUNTRY tracks operating hours for the agricultural and forestry industry – enabling usage-based billing of rental machinery – and ROBUSTO serves a similar need in the construction industry.