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Telefonica set to deploy smart energy across mobile phone network

Steve Rogerson
November 26, 2014

Telefónica is deploying a smart energy system across its radio access networks. The SES system from Evolution Networks is expected to slash Telefónica's base station energy consumption by up to 35%, as well as reduce associated energy costs.

SES is fully-automated software that reduces energy consumption on the cellular tower (base station) level by deactivating the redundant capacity of base stations during low traffic demand. The system's algorithms allow it to adapt capacity to network demand, ensuring that subscribers are provided with the same quality of service throughout the deactivation period.

"Our innovative smart energy system gives network operators a way to transform their networks into truly green networks while also cutting their energy costs significantly," said Roy Morad, chief executive officer of Evolution Networks. "Until now, operators have not been able to correlate the energy consumption of their network with traffic demand in order to avoid unnecessary energy usage – our system changes that reality."

Today's data hungry networks consume significantly more energy than non-data networks, driving up operational expenses while cutting into operators' profitability. The telecommunications industry is estimated to be responsible for 2.5% of global CO2 emission, according to the International Telecommunication Union.

Evolution Networks was selected as Telefónica's global partner for energy saving following an evaluation process. Telefónica will begin rolling out the system over the next several months across Latin America, enabling the company to monitor, and reduce, energy usage across its networks.

Evolution will also oversee the system's life cycle management.