Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Dell validates Telit asset gateway software

Steve Rogerson
November 5, 2019

Dell Technologies has validated IoT enabler Telit’s DeviceWise asset gateway software for use on its Edge Gateway 3000 series. The software is now available in integrated cloud-ready industrial IoT form.
These 4.0 appliances provide edge intelligence for industrial asset management, secure remote access, device management, enterprise integration, OT to IT data exchange and processing, and other mission-critical IoT applications across industrial markets around the world.
As a preferred member of the Dell Technologies edge and IoT ecosystem, Telit is working with Dell in a go-to-market collaboration that expands both companies' industry reach and readiness for their respective products and services.
The DeviceWise software is a smart agent with an industrial protocol library based on decades of development and experience in the industrial automation space. Combining the Dell gateways for IoT with DeviceWise software produces an Industry 4.0 appliance ready to accomplish various remote site and remote machine condition-based monitoring use cases. This combined hardware and software lets users to do edge computing, which will allow for the analysis of real-time data.
The combination lets companies deploy flexible and scalable IoT services. DeviceWise loaded on the edge gateways can connect to Telit's IoT Portal, an enterprise-grade cloud service for IoT applications, such as remote machine monitoring and device management.
This platform-as-a-service features a low-cost pay-as-you-go service plan and lets users get started without any upfront investment, which lowers the barrier to entry for complex offerings. DeviceWise eliminates any custom development with intuitive click-to-configure tools that reduce deployment time, risk, cost and complexity for companies large and small.
"Telit is pleased to be working with Dell Technologies to address the growing demand for easy-to-deploy industrial IoT," said Fred Yentz, president of strategic partnerships at Telit. "This offering brings best-in-class hardware together with Telit's globally recognised industrial edge agent technology. The result pairs two proven technologies to solve real world customer challenges."
The gateway software and cloud-based IoT platform from Telit turn industrial network infrastructure into an intelligent Industry 4.0 onramp to the industrial IoT. DeviceWise provides a logic engine with a library of machine and industrial protocols and drivers that provide edge intelligence.
The library of Industry 4.0 device drivers and protocols interface to PLCs and automation devices and virtually all other automation equipment commonly found in complex machines in buildings, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, alternative energy, mining, or oil and gas. The DeviceWise drag-n-drop edge-logic engine communicates with external devices or sensors via LAN, USB or serial interface and can monitor digital and analogue IOs. This configuration tool can run triggers, do conditional monitoring, make decisions and take actions.
"From low quantity, proof of concept projects to large scale OEM deployments, our work with Telit allows customers to architect, scale and roll out IoT across a wide variety of legacy IO, protocols, infrastructure and applications," said John Dauskurdas, global vice president for sales at Dell Technologies. "Our work together will allow customers to quickly and easily develop and launch projects based on a highly secure solution. Whether your project starts on the engineers' workbench or begins as an IT directive, this joint solution will appeal to all organisations that need to overcome the edge to core to cloud challenges of the world we live in today."
Telit has announced the commercial availability of its industrial grade 5G data card, the FN980m. The data card is for use globally, incorporating support for all scenarios prescribed by the 3GPP for short, mid and long-term deployments of 5G, including non-standalone LTE-5G NR dual connectivity, dynamic spectrum sharing between LTE and 5G, and full 5G NR standalone mode. The data card enables opportunities and markets for OEMs, system integrators and service providers working with industrial routers and gateways, fixed wireless access, professional mobile high-resolution video broadcasting equipment, and beyond.