Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Telit, Microsoft and ThingWorx first to support Tele2 IoT portal

Steve Rogerson
May 13, 2015
Stockholm-based Tele2 this week launched an IoT portal that enables aggregation of some of the world’s most powerful IoT products in one interface. The portal will include several key components such as a customer self-service module, which will allow customers and partners to access incident reporting, contact management, planned and unplanned maintenance messages, and service reporting – all on a self-service basis. There are also several integrations with technology partners.
“I am very excited about this launch and I think it once again shows that we are trying to spearhead the development of M2M and IoT solutions that really makes a difference for our customers and partners,” said Rami Avidan, commercial director at Tele2. “With this portal, we are creating an M2M and IoT application store, where you can choose to include individual tools that can take your business further through the right M2M and IoT solutions.”
The first partners to integrate their products are Telit, Microsoft and ThingWorx.
The Telit DeviceWise application enablement platform is a cloud-based IoT service that lets companies connect things to apps by seamlessly integrating data from remote assets with their enterprise systems and web-based and mobile apps. The portal has functions for data acquisition, data communications and data consumption, allowing companies to innovate on top of their core competencies and business strengths, not the underlying infrastructure.
“Telit’s collaboration with Tele2 gives companies, large and small, a turnkey onramp to the internet of things without any upfront investment,” said Fred Yentz, president and CEO of ILS Technology, a Telit company. “Together we offer a scalable solution that reduces the risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of deploying solutions for remote monitoring and control, industrial automation, asset tracking and field service operations across virtually all industries and market segments around the world.”
Microsoft’s Azure IoT services give customers the ability to handle IoT workloads all the way from small specific implementations to global line of business implementations. It provides tools to support massive data ingestion as well as services for advanced analytics in real time, big data analysis and machine learning.
“Many organisations face a digital transformation today,” said Richard Lind, CTO of internet of things at Microsoft Sweden. “New ecosystems and opportunities are created in all industries like manufacturing, healthcare, facilities and logistics. Shifting income models, business models, societal and national capabilities can and will achieve amazing results. This cooperation with Tele2 makes it easy to explore and capitalise on the assets delivered by IoT.”
The ThingWorx platform, the centrepiece of PTC’s IoT technology portfolio, combines capabilities from the PTC Axeda to deliver a complete IoT platform, which includes connectivity, device cloud, business logic, big data, analytics and remote service applications. The combination delivers an IoT technology stack that enables companies to connect assets securely, quickly create applications and innovate ways to capture value.
“Tele2 is taking a major step forward in the IoT space by providing the Tele2 IoT portal to simplify its customers’ M2M journey and experience,” said Russ Fadel, president of ThingWorx. “ThingWorx is very pleased to be a core part of this project. We look forward to working with Tele2 to help its customers realise the full value of complementing their M2M products and services with the ThingWorx IoT application enablement platform.”