Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Telit lands $30m deal for Dutch smart meter roll-out

Steve Rogerson
October 20, 2015
IoT enabler Telit has landed a contract valued at more than US$30m to supply CDMA 450MHz modules to one of the leading smart meter vendors for a Netherlands project.
The UK company’s modules are at the core of a new generation of smart electricity meters that Dutch utility companies will deploy nationwide over five years starting in 2016 with most of the shipments front-loaded in the initial years. The IoT allows electrical utilities to balance energy supply and demand during peak and off-peak times, ultimately reducing overall consumption and lowering utility bills.
The rugged, single-band CE910-SL was designed for applications in areas where CDMA450 coverage exists as a commercial mobile network operation or where it can be licensed to be developed as a private network by utilities, emergency response organisations, and other similar government and private groups.
The company launched the CE910-SL earlier this year in sync with the opening of new markets resulting from the granting of 450MHz spectrum by some European governments, securing Telit first-mover advantage for large-scale projects such as this one. The module provides in-building performance making it suitable for smart utility meters frequently installed deep inside residential or commercial dwellings. The company has been in CDMA since 2006.
“The CE910-SL is a remarkable success story for us,” said Yosi Fait, president and finance director of Telit. “It went from concept to commercial product in less than a year; and qualified us uniquely to supply to projects like this one in the Netherlands. This is also a great example of how well equipped Telit is to take advantage of these types of opportunities in the dynamic IoT market which are becoming more abundant.”