Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Impa picks Tantalus to deploy smart grids

Steve Rogerson
February 25, 2020

The Indiana Municipal Power Agency (Impa) has selected smart-grid technology company Tantalus Systems to provide a purpose-built smart-grid offering to its 61 member utilities throughout Indiana and Ohio.
The 61 member utilities will have the opportunity to work together on using a common advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) platform. Because no two member utilities are the same, Impa required technology that could support multiple commodities, such as electric, water and gas, along with multiple protocols to incorporate existing member assets such as deployed encoder receiver transmitter endpoints into the fixed smart-grid network.
After a review process, Imp Service selected Tunet, North Carolina-based Tantalus’ purpose-built, multi-application platform with a flexible AMI architecture. As a result, all of Impa’s member utilities, regardless of size, will have access to technology that solves immediate operational problems, such as remote disconnect and reconnect, outage management, and automation, while laying the foundation for future innovation.
“We’re excited to partner with Tantalus, not only because their technology platform is an ideal match for our members’ unique and widely varying needs, but because Tantalus has demonstrated a unique commitment to public power and joint action agencies like ours,” said Frank Smardo, executive vice president for Impa. “We look forward to ensuring that all the communities we serve, regardless of size, will have equal access to the technological and economic benefits of smart grid innovation.”
Tantalus is a purpose-driven smart grid and AMI provider that has focused on serving public power and electric cooperative utilities across North America for more than 30 years. Tunet is an end-to-end communications platform that uses IP-based networks including fibre, Wimax and cellular as well as 220 and 900MHz wireless radio frequency. It is designed and built for the smart grid and unites utility applications through distributed, Linux-based edge computing capability at every endpoint.
“It is of vital importance that every local community has a say in their own technology future, regardless of where they are or how big they are, and we’re committed to making sure Impa’s member communities have that same level of autonomy,” said Peter Londa, CEO of Tantalus Systems. “We’re thrilled to count Impa among the growing number of joint action agencies that we’re privileged to serve.”