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Tantalus launches Smart Grid analytics platform

William Payne
March 1, 2018
Nashville based smart grid company Tantalus Systems has launched a digital user and analytics platform, TUNet Insight. The software platform is designed to provide utilities better management of distribution networks by collecting and analysing detailed data from distributed assets.

TUNet Insight builds on the Tantalus Utility Network (TUNet) hardware infrastructure that includes both intelligent endpoints and smart communications. The user platform streamlines utility grid management and is designed to give personnel near-real-time visibility into and control of smart metering, load management, grid optimisation and smart streetlights.

To reduce operational costs, TUNet Insight provides customise dashboards that include mapping of a utility’s multi-application network, graphs and suggested real-world actions. 

With the platform, utilities can manage cost-saving applications such as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), load management, distribution automation, grid optimisation and streetlight control. The secure platform is flexible enough to run new applications and analytics as they become available.

“TUNet Insight is the product of over two years of planning and was designed in collaboration with an advisory committee made up of our existing utility customers; it represents a significant leap forward in how utilities can leverage data to make smarter business decisions,” said Peter Londa, Tantalus’ President, CEO and board member. “Today’s utilities are pressed to keep pace with technological innovation, which is no easy feat. We develop our technology to deliver the best data and analytics across a utility network, while striving to ensure that Tantalus’ technology meets and exceeds the needs of utilities both today and in the years ahead.”