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Synopsys platform speeds software development for IoT

Steve Rogerson
January 31, 2019

California-based Synopsys has announced a platform to accelerate software development and debug of Arc EM processor-based systems-on-chip (SoCs) for low-power embedded applications such as IoT, sensor fusion and voice.
The DesignWare platform includes an FPGA-based hardware board with commonly used peripherals and downloadable platform packages. It is supported by Synopsys' MetaWare development toolkit, which includes a compiler, debugger and libraries.
In addition, the Embarc open software platform gives developers online access to device drivers, examples, and a suite of free and open-source software to speed software development for their Arc-based embedded systems.
The development platform supports all Arc EM processor families and EM-based subsystems. To facilitate development of Arc processor-based designs, the platform includes several debug and trace interfaces as well as a range of on-board peripherals including motion sensors, flash memory, Bluetooth and wifi used in IoT edge devices.
Extensibility is provided using Arduino Uno revision three compatible shields, Digilent Pmod modules and Mikrobus add-on boards. For flexibility, a memory-mapped external bus interface is available to control any memory-mapped peripherals on an external custom board over a generic pin header.
The MetaWare development toolkit enables the development and debugging of optimised code. Synopsys' Embarc open software platform gives software developers online access to a suite of free and open-source software – such as device drivers, FreeRtos, IoT middleware and examples – that eases the development of IoT, sensor and voice applications.
The software in Embarc includes popular protocols used in IoT devices and networking stacks, such as Lwip, and commonly used security protocols, such as Mbed TLS. The latest version of Embarc also supports the OpenThread protocol, an open-source implementation of the Thread networking protocol released by Nest Labs.
"Embedded software development consumes a significant portion of the design process, so having an integrated hardware and software platform helps teams speed their SoC development effort and meet crucial project schedules," said John Koeter, vice president at Synopsys. "Synopsys' new Arc EM software development platform provides software engineers with a flexible platform that integrates all the necessary hardware and software to accelerate the development of their Arc EM processor-based SoCs."