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Symphony Gold launches supply chain modelling tool

Steve Rogerson
March 15, 2016
Georgia, USA, based Symphony Gold has announced Gold Flow Optimization, an automated modelling and simulation tool that helps optimise supply chain performance and total cost to serve.
By comparing actual and simulated network, cost and parameters, it helps accelerate the supply chain decision-making process by identifying the scenario offering the most relevant business benefits.
With easy-to-use workflows, wizards, dashboards and widgets, it lets users create end-to-end models using as-is data and appropriate levels of aggregation. Impacts of what-if scenarios on the supply chain, transportation, logistics, inventory planning and channel costs can be simulated to identify supply chain opportunities and appropriate forecasting, replenishment and delivery improvements.
The system also has a product flow map that is automatically populated based on the actual inventory movements between the network nodes so users can quickly see and analyse demand, supply and the related flows.
Common business scenarios addressed include: network design and optimisation; cost-to-serve calculation and optimisation; best goods flows and sourcing; private labels best sourcing; grey market opportunity assessment; best logistics constraints; and forecasting, replenishment and fulfilment optimisation.
"Working together with partner Supply Chain Genius, Gold Flow Optimization is a part of our strategy to provide customers with state-of-the-art solutions that complement the Symphony Gold unified software platform," said Donal Mac Daid, vice president of marketing supply chain at Symphony Gold. "By automating the supply chain decision-making process, Gold Flow Optimization delivers the frequency and velocity so critical to success in today's fast-paced markets."
Arnaud Morvan, co-owner and co-founder of Supply Chain Genius, added: "Easy to use and understand, Gold Flow Optimization makes supply chain design and decision making much simpler and less time consuming. Users can quickly visualise and evaluate multiple scenarios, then implement the options that make most sense to both their customers and their financial performance. We are pleased to be partnering with Symphony Gold on this major advancement in the integrated supply chain."