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Starkey hearing aid uses AI to track health

Steve Rogerson
September 5, 2018

A hearing aid from Starkey Hearing Technologies uses artificial intelligence to track brain and body health, and offer real-time language translation and environmental detection.
The Minnesota firm has reinvented both the hearing experience and the hearing aid with Livio AI, what it calls a Healthable hearing aid that uses integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, and the first to track physical activity and cognitive health.
"First and foremost, Livio AI is the best performing and best sounding hearing aid we have ever made," said Brandon Sawalich, Starkey president. “We have transformed a single-use device into the world's first multi-purpose hearing aid, a Healthable with artificial intelligence. Livio AI is so much more than just a hearing aid, it is a gateway to better health and wellness.”
Livio AI interfaces with a mobile app – Thrive Hearing – and three wireless accessories: the Starkey Hearing Technologies TV, the Remote and the Remote Microphone+. With the Remote Micorophone+, Livio AI also uses Amazon Alexa connectivity.
"I have dreamed about this for so long, and we are finally realising this vision thanks to our incredible team," said Starkey CEO Bill Austin. "My vision has always been to help people live better. By giving them better technology, we will help them live longer, healthier, happier lives."
The technology reduces noisy environments by 50 per cent, reduces listening effort and enhances speech clarity, while artificial intelligence optimises the hearing experience.
Livio AI also provides:

  • Integrated language translation.
  • Dual-radio wireless platform: 2.4GHz radio for streaming of phone calls, music and media.
  • Fall detection with inertial sensors within the hearing aids (app support coming soon).
  • Integration of the physical activity data measured by inertial sensors of the hearing aids with Apple Health and Google Fit apps.
"Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing the world around us," said Starkey chief technology officer Achin Bhowmik. "This technology optimises users' hearing experiences and enables them to continuously monitor and improve their overall health."
This technology lets people take a proactive and personal approach to treating hearing loss, which has been linked to dementia, cognitive decline and social isolation.
Livio AI is available in the USA and Canada and expanding to more than 20 countries in 2019.
Starkey Hearing Technologies is a privately held, hearing technology company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Founded in 1967, Starkey has more than 5000 employees, operates 22 facilities and does business in more than 100 markets worldwide.