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Sim controllers from Starchip promise cost reductions

Steve Rogerson
January 21, 2015
French company Starchip’s third generation of chip-based controllers for sim, usim and M2M applications have been introduced with the aim of providing cost savings through enhanced design features. The devices are claimed to bring the best power, cost and performance trade-off to the telecoms market.
The SCF400I, the first member of the SCFxxxI family, is designed to tackle 3G Java applications that require more powerful, cost-effective and energy-efficient chips. It will be followed by other devices, under qualification or development, which will cover the demands of 2G, 4G LTE and NFC applications.
“The SCF400I, the first product of our third generation of sim controllers family, demonstrates very well Starchip’s constant commitment to provide the industry with a comprehensive, rich portfolio of high-performance, highly efficient, cost-optimised devices,” said Yves Fusella, Starchip’s CTO. “We are pleased with the design enhancements incorporated over the last months in our new products. Starchip already sold more than 500 million units of its first and second generation sim controllers and now thanks to SCF400I, alongside the other new sim products, we will be able to strengthen our position in the mobile market.”
Based on the Cortus APS3cd 32bit Harvard risc architecture, the SCF400I achieves 25Mips at 25MHz providing fast execution of Java code. The optimisation of the instruction set makes the APS3cd suitable for applications demanding high-speed data processing. The device is designed using embedded SuperFlash from SST that increases the capabilities to accommodate the growing demand for high-speed high-capacity memory. The embedded flash, enhanced by E3 (ECube), provides robust data retention with several hundred millions cycles for the claimed best endurance performance in the sim market.
The device is supported by development tools. Starchip’s second generation development kit, Starbox V2, provides the necessary components to develop software.