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Assisted living specialist SRI picks CarePredict AI for early detection

William Payne
November 1, 2018

Assisted living provider SRI Management has selected healthcare AI specialist CarePredict to provide early detection of serious health concerns in elderly residents such as UTIs, depression and fall risks. The AI platform will be installed at SRI's assisted living community in Ocala, Florida.

SRI manages a portfolio of elderly and assisted living residential homes, with over 2,550 beds at 25 independent living, assisted living and memory care communities.

CarePredict is an AI-driven digital health company that develops proprietary connected remote sensing technologies, smart wearables, and deep learning platforms for predictive, person-centred senior care. 

CarePredict employs lightweight sensors and smart wearables, designed for seniors, to unobtrusively and autonomously collect rich data sets on the senior's activity and behaviours. Machine learning and kinematics algorithms are used to quantify daily activities performed by older adults, including eating, sleeping, walking, and grooming. CarePredict uses these data sets to train its deep learning neural nets to surface insights that provide early warning of a range of developing health conditions including the possible onset of depression, urinary tract infection and increased fall risk.  

All of these insights are generated without any self-reporting by the senior and without the need for in-person observation.

Satish Movva, CEO and founder of CarePredict, said, "We are excited to partner with SRI Management. For several decades SRI has consistently stayed ahead of the curve, anticipating changes in the industry, and identifying and deploying innovative technologies that empower their staff with tools to achieve optimal results in all areas of the business. SRI's high-touch staff is dedicated to using CarePredict's platform to ensure that the seniors they care for receive the best care possible."  

"SRI Management is looking forward to unveiling CarePredict technology at two of our senior living communities beginning in 2019," said Don Bishop, CEO of SRI Management. "This best-in-class digital device system provides our staff with enhanced activity insights and behaviour monitoring to anticipate risks, giving our residents more comfort and greater care.  We look forward to the start of a long relationship with CarePredict."