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Sprint earmarks 9 cities for 5G

William Payne
November 1, 2018

Sprint is promising to roll out 5G to nine cities across the United States this year, although customers will not be able to use it until the network formally launches.

The company promised in February this year to build a nationwide 5G network by early 2019. 

The first cities to receive Sprint's 5G service will include New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The network is expected to launch in 2019.

In a statement, the company also said that it has already rolled out Gigabit LTE in more than 225 cities across the United States. It also says that it has implemented LTE Advanced across the whole of the US, with speeds double those of normal 4G.

Gigabit LTE provides speeds that peak at 1 gigabit. 

The company is also building a 5G smartphone in partnership with South Korean electronics firm LG. 

Sprint is in the midst of a merger with German telecoms firm T-Mobile.

T-Mobile parent company, Deutsche Telekom, approved the merger of the two firms formally on October 31.