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Solvoyo, ENAVATE partner to enhance supply chain planning

William Payne
January 5, 2017

Boston based supply chain planning technology provider Solvoyo and Denver based Microsoft Dynamics provider ENAVATE are partnering to develop integrated end to end supply chain planning for wholesalers and distributors. The new technology is aimed at developing technology that can cut back distributor inventory, and provide better planning to deal with often rapidly changing market demand.

The new solution will be built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Dynamics AX platforms. 

The joint Solvoyo and ENAVATE offering is designed to allow companies to utilise their Microsoft Dynamics data to automatically build daily demand forecasts, set inventory targets, generate purchase orders, replenish warehouses and distribution centres, optimise inventory and transportation plans and run sales and operations planning. 

As part of the partnership, Solvoyo will develop enhancements in the user interface, dashboards and integration templates of its cloud based Solvoyo Elevation Platform (SEP) to address the  supply chain challenges faced by wholesalers and distributors. ENAVATE in turn will integrate SEP as part of its solution for the Distribution and Wholesale industry.

Solvoyo carried out a study recently that concluded US wholesalers and distributors carried an extra $88 billion in inventory in 2015 compared to 2010. Nil Durak, Chief Operating Officer at Solvoyo said: "I suspect a big part of the extra inventory that distributors are carrying today is because of the growing mis-match between the status-quo planning approach inside companies and the rapidly changing outside business environment. It is high time for wholesalers and distributors to seek the next generation in supply chain planning. Our partnership with ENAVATE excites us to bring it jointly to the market."
"It is exciting to welcome Solvoyo as a strategic partner," said Thomas Ajspur, Chief Executive Officer at ENAVATE, adding, "The partnership with Solvoyo is in direct alignment with ENAVATE's core focus within the distribution industry and positions ENAVATE to continue to bring value add solutions to customers by providing them with the most powerful and flexible supply chain optimization platform in the market today."