Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Solo Energy launch Virtual Power Plant

William Payne
March 1, 2018
Energy-storage-as-a-Service utility Solo Energy has launched a cloud platform FlexiGrid to provide centrally controllable Virtual Power Plant (VPP) functionality. FlexiGrid interconnects with and manages its distributed energy storage devices through Asavie's IoT Connect.

The Solo Energy offering charges its battery-based storage network from the grid during periods of peak renewable generation and low demand when wholesale electricity market prices are typically lower, and from on-site solar PV / wind generation where present. When wholesale market prices increase, Solo Energy can switch their customers’ power supply, from grid to battery sourced energy, delivering lower-cost electricity stored in the battery network. VPP operation of the distributed storage network also enables delivery of flexibility services to system operators.

Solo Energy's FlexiGrid platform interconnects and manages a distributed network of cellular enabled battery storage units deployed on commercial and domestic buildings through Asavie IoT Connect. The latter controls access to and management of the energy storage units from a centralised location, with a complete view of the connected storage units, and information on network status and alert notifications. It also enables Solo Energy to quickly deploy, without up-front expense or CAPEX requirements to build a physical and secure network, with the scalable on-demand ease of accessing new energy storage units in the private network.

Liam Breathnach, CTO, Solo Energy, said, “Asavie’s approach to secure connectivity aligns with our energy storage-as-a-service model. Their service facilitates rapid deployment, providing us with the ability to scale easily and their secure, cost-effective approach allows us to deliver the energy grid of the future, today. It’s also very important that we can trust the data we aggregate from our energy storage assets, as it’s core to the success of our VPP. By leveraging Asavie IoT Connect™ we get this peace of mind combined with impressive innovation.”