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SocialWellth and Hitlab partner to assess mhealth apps

Steve Rogerson
December 15, 2015
At this month’s Hitlab Innovators Summit, Las Vegas based SocialWellth announced that it has formed a partnership with Hitlab, an innovation and teaching lab at Columbia University, to expand mhealth app curation capabilities and certification standards. Hitlab has expertise in ideating, creating and evaluating health-related technologies.
Care sponsors, providers and consumers believe that while mhealth apps hold real potential to improve healthcare experience and outcomes, their usage is limited due to uncertainty around which apps can deliver real value within the continuum of care. Which are most clinically relevant? Which are the most effective?
SocialWellth’s Curation Lab has been at the forefront of mobile health app curation – identifying and assessing apps and devices that have the potential to change patterns of patient care by enabling curated digital health platforms. Its curation services multidisciplinary team of behavioural scientists, physicians, exercise physiologists, nutritionists and public health specialists identify, evaluate and curate best-in-class mhealth apps to help deliver the most relevant apps for healthcare consumers.
In initial phases of the partnership, Hitlab will support SocialWellth’s curation of mobile health apps and associated devices by systematically validating its methodologies.
“SocialWellth’s partnership with Hitlab will allow us to bring an additional level of rigor and scrutiny to our curation methodologies and processes, including our use of the Xcertia standards,” said David Vinson, SocialWellth’s founder and CEO.
The Xcertia standards, powered by DHX, are a set of science-based, industry developed and reviewed criteria that when implemented can be used to evaluate objectively health apps against key performance metrics in the areas of security, privacy, operability and content. DHX is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to accelerate the development, implementation and adoption of sustainable digital health innovations.
The use of Hitlab as a secondary level of validation ensures and reinforces SocialWellth’s commitment to providing the highest levels of service and value to its customer base.
“We believe this partnership will have a direct and positive impact on how health apps are curated and used, expanding their presence and improving their role within the continuum of care,” said Nishita Rai, Hitlab’s executive director.
SocialWellth is headquartered in Las Vegas, with a regional office in New York. Hitlab is an innovation and teaching laboratory dedicated to improving the quality and accessibility of healthcare worldwide.