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SML software suite simplifies RFID retail supply chain management

Steve Rogerson
November 19, 2015
SML has released Clarity 3.x software, the latest version of the Texas company’s cloud-based software suite that simplifies retail RFID deployment to enable real-time apparel inventory management across the global retail channel. The suite is said to contain all the functionality needed to improve supply chain and inventory management from the factory to the store, as well as increase omnichannel efficiency and reliability.
The cloud-based software suite provides stock availability reducing out of stocks, delivery shipment auditing and stock counting variance reporting, as well as improving omnichannel execution at each store.  It helps manage every item of every store across any size retail chain. The event driven architecture is aimed at vertically oriented retailers, brand owners with stores and large department stores.
“Clarity 3.x is state-of-the-art in both architecture and functionality to handle entire store operations, putting an enormous amount of capability into the hands of store associates to deliver a new level of customer service,” said Dean Frew, president and founder of SML. “We set out to challenge ourselves and create a step-function change in functionality and scalability for retail RFID solutions. I am thrilled to see how our customers are using Clarity to reduce the complexity and risk of deploying RFID in retail for faster and proven RoIs.”
Clarity 3.X is deployed in several retailer pilot deployments, as well as in Tesco’s F&F retail apparel stores, to assist merchandising and store operations to improve customer service. SML achieved a significant scalability milestone with more than three billion RFID transactions successfully running on Clarity across 20 countries during the first three quarters of 2015.
The company claims that retailers using the software are experiencing greater than 98 per cent accuracy. This not only allows retailers to improve product on-shelf availability, increasing sales and reducing inventory into the chain, it also eliminates the need for third-party audits.
RFID investments are not being leveraged effectively if they are only using simple stock counting not integrated with store systems. Clarity 3.X has been designed to enable full operational control and inventory management processes:

  • Stock count with variance analysis;
  • Stock enquiry at nearby stores;
  • Intelligent replenishment;
  • Delivery validation and moves;
  • RFID enabled PoS and EAS;
  • Tag encoding;
  • Omnichannel and markdowns; and
  • Web management dashboard
As RFID hardware technology is introduced into the market, SML tests and enhances its software by including handhelds, fixed readers, PoS readers and RFID robots to improve performance while optimising processes and RoI for customers. Clarity is deployed on Nordic ID, TSL and Zebra RFID handhelds using Windows and iOS operating systems as well as Alien, Impinj, Nordic ID and Zebra fixed RFID readers, with versions for iOS and Android coming soon.