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IBM partners with Carnegie Mellon Uniersity on smart building analytics

William Payne
April 8, 2105

IBM is forming a smart buildings partnership with Carnegie Mellon University to pilot the use of a new cloud-based analytics system for reducing energy and facility operating costs.

The university will deploy IBM Building Management Center technology across 36 buildings on its Pittsburgh campus. It expects the new system to save it approximately 10 percent on utilities, nearly $2 million annually.

The smart building solution will monitor thousands of data points from building automation and control systems. The Building Management Center will detect system problems such as simultaneous heating and cooling not identified by other means, and proactively trigger corrective actions.

The new technology will be piloted in nine buildings and then extended to 36 buildings across campus. The initial application of the Building Management Center will focus on HVAC systems and later will extend to lighting, water and other utilities. The system is scheduled for full implementation in about three years.

The IBM Building Management Center solution is a pre-built solution delivered as a service using IBM’s analytics and asset management capabilities and IBM Global Business Services expertise.

"This is the newest in a series of cloud-based Smarter Cities management centers including transportation, water and emergency management designed to help organizations quickly begin using their own data for new insight and improved decision- making," said Michael Dixon, general manager, IBM Smarter Cities. "The Building Management Center is designed for both public and private sector buildings and campuses of all sizes. It delivers a new level of understanding of building assets and energy usage with unprecedented flexibility."