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SkyBitz Iridium-based asset tracker targets oil and gas industry

Steve Rogerson
May 17, 2016
SkyBitz, the Virginia-based commercial telematics subsidiary of Telular, has announced a two-way global satellite communications and IECEx, Atex Zone 0 certified device to track assets in the oil and gas industry.
The Galaxy GTP4050It provides dynamic reporting on location and status of assets everywhere in the world via the Iridium MSS mobile satellite service.
It offers businesses with operations in hazardous locations or hauling hazardous materials complete visibility of their assets even in the most remote locations. Users can benefit from the ability to configure the device over-the-air to change reporting on the fly.
The device is suitable for tracking oil and gas equipment that is often in remote and hazardous locations for long periods of time without any external power source.
“We identified a need in the oil and gas industry to be able to change device reporting in order to get better actionable information on equipment and assets that also require intrinsic safety,” said Henry Popplewell, president of SkyBitz. “No other product currently provides the combination of two-way satellite communications with pole-to-pole visibility and Atex certification with long service life via efficient battery power. We are excited to offer the oil and gas industry a solution that helps uncover greater efficiencies and is responsive to customers’ unique needs.”
The actionable information allows businesses to gain better asset utilisation, avoid misuse and increase their customers’ satisfaction by improving proof of delivery and billing accuracy. All this adds up to cost savings and an improved bottom line. Managers can receive exception-based alerts, configure the device to shut off or decrease reporting for periods of time to save power and unnecessary reporting, or increase alerts when security breaches occur.
Created for oil and gas equipment, it has a self-contained rugged design, making it easy to install and maintain. The IECEx, Atex Zone 0 intrinsic safety certifications cover electronic hardware used around ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapours or liquids, making the device suitable for companies looking to track their assets in hazardous locations.
Companies can start deploying asset management across their fleets without any upfront capital expense through a subscription-based enterprise plan, SkyBitz as a Service.