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SkyBitz checks when trailers are detained at customer premises

Steve Rogerson
November 17, 2015
A system that automatically monitors trailers stopped at customer locations and sends notifications according to set detention rules is available from Virginia-based remote asset tracking company SkyBitz.
The trailer detention management system automatically monitors for trailer detention and provides awareness of detention events. This reduce driver idle time resulting in reduced frustration and lower fuel costs.
The configurable automatic detention alert notifies when free time is set to expire, with management of weekends and holidays. It records detention details for detention billing and has the ability to associate multiple contract profiles to a landmark location. It can be integrated into TMS and ERP systems for detention billing.
“Since we first started implementing SkyBitz across our fleet less than a year ago, we’ve been able to increase our trailer turns by over 60 per cent,” said Marc Rogers, CEO and president at Interstate Distributor. “SkyBitz has worked closely with us to help provide us the reporting tools specifically built around our business needs. We’re now able to approach our customers with detailed information regarding our trailers at their locations and foster a more beneficial relationship on both sides.”
A common difficulty carrier operations face is having to track manually the status of their dropped trailers at the consignee location and rely on the consignee for updates. Often times, consignees misuse the trailer for storage and they do not have incentive to notify the carrier it’s available. When a carrier finally notices the situation and attempts to charge the shipper for detention time, either too much time has passed and or not enough data exists to support the claim.
The detention management system can help alleviate this by providing the information needed to avoid detention billing. Carriers can get their trailers back from their customers sooner by knowing the detention time more accurately, get alerted and notify their customers.
An additional benefit is reducing driver idle time through having better visibility to asset availability to dispatch accordingly. It helps prevent driver frustration and associated wasted hours, fuel and empty kilometres from searching for trailers.
“Many factors cause a trailer to be detained by a carrier’s customer; it is very challenging for dispatchers and planners to monitor the process in a timely manner and be aware of trailer detention without tools,” said Henry Popplewell, president of SkyBitz. “We’re excited to enable our customers to stay better informed about the status of their trailers while at the same time improving their customers’ satisfaction. The objective of accurate detention management is to build a better customer relationship to free up trailers quicker, not to collect more penalties.”
The system is available now to all current SkyBitz customers through its asset management web application for tracking, monitoring and managing a broad range of assets for multiple industries. It has an adaptable application programme interface (API) that can accept data feeds from any other system. The SkyBitz system provides better visibility into asset performance whereby users can quickly analyse large data sets and view them in a more effective and intuitive way to increase utilisation and profits.
Companies can start deploying the asset management systems across their fleets easier and faster than before without any upfront capital expense through the company’s subscription-based enterprise service.
SkyBitz is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telular. More than 800 enterprises rely on its technology to achieve total asset visibility, improved security, lower operating and capital expenses, and better customer service.