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SkyBitz updates asset management software

Steve Rogerson
September 3, 2019
Virginia-based IoT telematics firm SkyBitz has upgraded the software on its InSight commercial asset management platform to provide a unified view of all assets.
InSight is a configurable platform that offers a simple yet intuitive experience for tracking complex asset management environments.
“We are always seeking ways to demonstrate our leadership and improving our platform’s UI is certainly high on our list every time,” said Henry Popplewell, SkyBitz president. “Our account teams are in constant communication with our customers to ensure we evolve along with the market. These improvements address certain complexities that just naturally come with enterprise-level asset management environments and we’re excited to solve these challenges through our technology.”
The added features were part of a customer analysis initiative where SkyBitz pooled customer data, direct feedback and user recommendations relating to navigation and style enhancements, notifications, icons and alerts, ease of use, and reporting. The secure, web-based software is used by more than a thousand enterprises and requires no software downloads, providing users with immediate access to new features, a secure environment and enhanced customer service.
With an improved top-line navigation and hierarchy that offers instant access to a variety of data, users can toggle through several redesigned pages including location, analysis and maintenance, and customise a home-page dashboard to skim assets or even create settings by landmark groups, asset type, health status and dormancy filters.
The longer a trailer is used and the more productive it is while in use means fewer reasons to purchase new ones. InSight users now have a simpler interface when identifying profitable and non-profitable areas of the operation to pinpoint and correct under-used assets, customer trips, drivers and processes with the click of a button. This allows managers to set up and monitor KPIs across the organisation.
“We ask a lot of questions and we know how to listen to our customers,” said Siamak Azmoudeh, vice president at SkyBitz. “By walking through parts of the system with our customers, we are constantly identifying ways in which we can improve the technology and provide solid customer support at the same time. Our software team can then be better equipped to develop technology that continues to help our clients improve their business.”
SkyBitz, a Telular Ametek brand, provides backbone transportation and logistics industries with real-time asset tracking and data analytics from sensors and remote monitoring. Ametek is a manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of about $5bn.