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Six of the best form council to tackle energy in Hawaii

Steve Rogerson
November 17, 2015
Six organisations have joined forces to create the Distributed Energy Resources Council of Hawaii (Derc Hawaii), representing distributed energy and smart grid technologies as the state works to achieve 100 per cent renewable generation by 2045.
The organisation claims to be the first association formed in the USA to represent exclusively behind-the-meter, distributed energy resources.
The six members are: E-Gear, a battery energy storage system provider; Enphase, a micro-inverter manufacturer; Hawaii Energy Connection, a sustainable energy provider; Hygrid, an energy consulting firm; Stem, an intelligent energy storage and software provider; and Tabuchi, a solar inverter manufacturer.
Derc Hawaii members’ behind-the-meter technologies are integral to the sustainable development of the electricity sector in Hawaii. With this formation, member organisations aim to work with all stakeholders willing collaboratively to achieve common goals.
“We are pleased to see the formation of this collaboration platform for distributed energy technologies in Hawaii,” said Dawn Lippert, director of the Energy Excelerator, a programme of the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research that funds seed-stage and growth-stage start-ups with compelling and immediate applications in Hawaii. “The utility landscape is changing and we need new technology companies at the table in order to help our utilities transform to a clean energy future. We hope Derc will work with policy makers, utilities and regulators to pave the way for new jobs, innovation and collaboration in Hawaii's energy sector.”
The organisation plans to participate in proceedings at the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission as well as monitor and engage in relevant legislative opportunities.
Derc Hawaii is a collaboration between distributed energy resource (DER) and smart grid (SG) companies committed to developing constructive paths towards an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy supply for Hawaii. Its objectives are to enable DER and SG technologies to provide clean, sustainable energy and reliability services, and to ensure that DER and SG companies receive reasonable compensation for their contributions.
E-Gear is a renewable energy innovation company offering proprietary patented and patent pending edge-of-grid energy management and storage that provides intelligent real-time adaptive control, flexibility, visibility, predictability and support to energy consumers, energy service companies and utilities.
Enphase Energy designs and manufacturers clean, intelligent and reliable energy management systems that enable greater customer control over energy usage while simultaneously providing grid support services. The technology platform is fully distributed and networked allowing for the seamless integration of its systems into the electricity grid. It claims to be the largest micro-inverter manufacturer in the world with systems installed in more than 80 countries.
HyGrid Energy is a Hawaii-based energy consulting firm focused on the growth of distributed energy resources globally. It assists clients with strategy, sales and financing of renewable energy products. HyGrid is working with Tabuchi Electric and Exergy Power Systems to integrate behind-the-meter and utility scale energy storage systems across the USA.
Locally owned and managed Hawaii Energy Connection has become a nationally recognised solar integration company dedicated to affordable energy. For the homeowner, it offers the KumuKit packages, engineered to achieve peak energy production, increase available tax credits and shrink electric bills. The company also offers sustainable energy services for businesses, government and military.
Stem, a provider of intelligent energy storage and grid services, combines big data, predictive analytics and energy storage to reduce electricity costs for businesses and, in aggregate, deliver services to the grid. Stem’s software learns a customer’s energy profile to increase savings and displays real-time and predicted energy use alongside actionable recommendations. When aggregated, Stem’s customer-sited storage network provides flexible, cost-competitive capacity and information services to the grid. Headquartered in Millbrae, California, Stem is funded by a consortium of investors including Angeleno Group, Iberdrola (Inversiones Financieras Perseo), GE Ventures, Constellation New Energy, Total Energy Ventures, Mitsui  and RWE Supply & Trading.
Tabuchi Electric is a Japanese residential solar inverter manufacturer and has been a power electronics company since 1925. Its solar-plus-storage products are grid-friendly plug-and-play systems optimised for energy management and cost performance.
• The US-based Solar Electric Power Association (Sepa) and the Association for Demand Response & Smart Grid (ADS) are merging into one organisation, yet to be named.