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Sino-Global joint venture to provide short-haul logistics in New York and New Jersey

Steve Rogerson
January 31, 2017
Sino-Global Shipping America has entered into a joint venture agreement with Jetta Global Logistics so short haul transportation services can be provided for all shipping requests received via the company's new full service logistic platform.
Sino-Global's proprietary logistics management application was launched in December 2016 to connect shipping customers seamlessly with short to long haul trucking transportation services throughout the USA. The company designed the web site portal to enhance productivity and convenience for customers and partners while simultaneously providing Sino-Global with a steady fee income from providing the connection.
The joint venture will be entitled to use this application exclusively for the services in the New York and New Jersey area.
"The joint venture agreement is a step forward in assisting our customers throughout the entire logistic supply chain,” said Lei Cao, chief executive officer of Sino-Global. “Through the agreement, we are able to ensure that our customers in China will be connected with short haul trucking transportation services for all shipments arriving in New Jersey and New York ports. The agreement will leverage our new logistic web-based application and the company will collect a percentage of the total profits for the connection. We intend to continue to seek additional customers and strategic partnerships that will further supplement our end to end global logistics services in the future and for the long-term."
Jetta Global Logistics is a licensed and insured freight shipping and trucking company that provides container trucking, freight forwarding and custom clearance services to customers located throughout New York and New Jersey.
Founded in the USA in 2001, Sino-Global Shipping America is a company engaged in shipping, chartering, logistics and related services. Headquartered in New York, it has offices in Los Angeles, China, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong. The company's current service offerings consist of inland transportation management services and freight logistic services.