Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Singtel IoT partnerships with China Mobile, Microsoft

William Payne
February 28, 2019

Singapore telecom operator Singtel is partnering with China Mobile on narrowband business IoT connectivity, and has signed a deal with Microsoft to launch an AI-powered IoT network over the Azure cloud platform.

Singtel and China Mobile have signed a Master Services Agreement that is designed to allow business customers of either company to deploy IoT devices for consumer electronics, industrial systems, and automotive applications in both China and Singapore. 

Customers of either company would not need to manually configure their devices or switch networks in order to deploy IoT technologies and applications in the other country. So business customers in China will gain automatic and transparent access to IoT networks in Singapore, and Singapore customers to IoT networks in China.

Customers from either operator will access a common management platform to control their devices across both countries. Billing will be through a single, consolidated bill and payments system.

Through the agreement, China Mobile is also planning to use Singtel's network to roll out its narrowband IoT services and products within Singapore.

Singtel has also signed a partnership agreement with Microsoft to deploy an AI-powered IoT network built on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform. The intention is to create a unified and programmable platform for IoT that integrates machine learning and analytics.

The new Singtel IoT network will include Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, IoT Edge and a range of AI and machine learning services.

Commenting on the China Mobile services agreement, Diomedes Kastanis, Singtel's head of IoT said: "The partnership reinforces the synergy of our combined extensive networks in China and Singapore to generate economies of scale, allowing enterprises to accelerate the expansion of their IoT footprints in the two countries. Our partnership with an established leader like China Mobile International cements our commitment to empowering enterprises with the right capabilities to reap the full potential of IoT, starting with connectivity." 

Speaking about the Singtel/Microsoft arrangement, Alberto Granados, vice-president of sales, marketing and operations at Microsoft Asia Pacific, said the collaboration will provide developers and businesses with a range of offerings that will allow them to quickly develop and deploy new IoT applications.