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Silver Spring adds 100 features to smart city management platform

Steve Rogerson
October 13, 2015
At last week’s IES Street & Area Lighting Conference in Georgia, USA, Silver Spring Networks announced Streetlight Vision 6 (SLV6), the latest version of its street light and smart city control and management platform. With more than 100 added features, SLV6 provides cities, utilities and energy services companies with a platform to support their smart city needs and create more value from their existing street light networks.
California-based Silver Spring also opened early access to its smart city developer programme and app store, which allows software developers and device manufacturers to build smart city applications and devices for the SLV6 platform, accelerating innovation for customers and providing routes to market and revenue opportunities.
“In partnership with Silver Spring, Florida Power & Light (FPL) has initiated what is believed to be the largest networked street lights project in the world – nearly 500,000 lights across FPL’s Florida service territory,” said Eric Silagy, president and CEO of FPL. “Establishing a smart street light network will continue the advancement of our smart grid and deliver benefits to our customers, including more reliable and efficient service. We welcome the enhancements of SLV6 to help us achieve these benefits for our customers.”
The SLV control software for smart city and smart lighting networks is used in more than 500 cities in 16 countries. As public lighting can consume as much as 40 per cent of a municipality’s energy budget, cities across the globe are looking to manage their lighting networks remotely to lower energy consumption, improve lighting reliability and public safety, and establish a smart city platform upon which future applications can be deployed.
“As an international smart city partner with presence in 20 countries, Bouygues Energies & Services has decided to include the new SLV6 city control and management platform in our Citybox for our global public lighting, cities and energy customer base,” said Christophe Grattarola, director of the smart city market at Bouygues Energies & Services. “Cities around the world are leveraging technologies to help them conserve energy, improve economic competitiveness, and deliver better services to citizens. We are happy to partner with Streetlight Vision and Silver Spring Networks to bring our customers the advanced solution.”
The release includes a broad set of smart city device support, including integration with more than 50 light point control system vendors and an expanded range of smart city devices such as electrical vehicle charging stations, traffic cameras, parking kiosks, environmental sensors, solar panels, and electric, water and gas meters.
There is improved asset management to create, import, export and modify a wide array of devices, develop custom inventory attributes, and run analytics and reports. Other features include automated device monitoring and data analytics of attributes, advanced alarm mechanisms, report-based and map-based failures detection, creating improved cross-departmental coordination on maintenance activities, and helping to increase customer and citizen satisfaction, reduce the number of onsite operations, and deliver cost-savings on maintenance budgets.
Data analytics can identify and anticipate possible faults on the grid and reduce call-centre load by leveraging crowd-sourced information on device failures and other issues in the field. The user-friendly interface includes user-configurable web desktop, easy-to-deploy apps and widgets from the SLV app store, and an optimised experience on mobile devices such as tablets for simple and convenient use in the field.
The extended north bound web service API allows work order management system tickets to be created from the data collected and analysed by SLV6, and also enables an interface with billing and geographical information systems.
There is the ability to leverage the SLV6 platform to help drive new business models and grow revenue. For example, cities can add cameras to their existing street light network to deliver traffic data to third-party devices and applications, unlocking services for citizens.
“Cities and utilities are looking to not only more effectively manage their street lights but to also leverage their lighting networks to connect a wide range of additional smart city devices,” said Christophe Orceau, director for Streetlight Vision at Silver Spring Networks. “With more than 100 new features, SLV6 pushes the capabilities of smart city control platforms to the next level. It continues its heritage of multi-network support, and now adds the option for third-party developers, customers and integrators to add new functionality on the platform via the SLV app store, providing network operators choice and flexibility as their needs evolve.”
The SLV6 app store will include applications from Silver Spring and third-party application developers and device manufacturers leveraging the SLV6 open data platform, the SLV6 software developer kit (SDK) and Restful APIs to drive development of smart city services.
The app store and SDK provide software developers with the ability to build applications and widgets that plug into the core SLV6 management software and can be downloaded and displayed on the SLV6 secured web desktop. The applications will be available and deployable via the app store.
The south bound web services API provides device manufacturers with streamlined integration to SLV6 and provides a platform for their smart city devices to be adopted by SLV customers around the globe.