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One Network takes Silk road to Australian logistics

Steve Rogerson
August 8, 2018

Australian third party logistics provider Silk Contract Logistics has partnered with One Network Enterprises to create a virtual distribution network.
Silk will be One's primary go to market partner in Australia, and will use the real-time value network to provide a single network for customers and carriers with one version of the truth for all parties, enhancing visibility and collaboration across the supply chain.
With the network, Silk will be able to provide its customers with end-to-end control tower visibility through information management services on the network. The network uses real-time data and a single version of the truth, so information is more accurate and timely, and is easily shared.
With Texas-based One Network's TMS intelligent logistics offering, Silk will be able to manage the transportation demands of its customers. Silk will also be able to offer enhanced and integrated services that are available on the network, such as order and replenishment management.
"With the visibility that One Network's control tower capability provides, we will be able to better anticipate issues and resolve them in real time," said Silk's managing director Brendan Boyd.
With One Network's studio and software developers kit, Silk will have the flexibility to adapt existing modules to its needs and create functional modules. The platform also includes intelligent agents that optimise, make and execute decisions, so the supply chain network is coordinated to serve demand at the low cost.
"We are excited to be partnering with Silk, a leading 3PL in Australia and a company that understands the importance of being customer-driven,” said Chris Edwards, One Network's vice president for Asia Pacific. “Silk will be bringing a powerful platform and building an ecosystem of trading partners in Australia. With full visibility and integrated real-time solutions, Silk will be able to deliver complete visibility and higher service to customers."
One Network is a multi-party digital platform powered by AI and blockchain. Headquartered in Dallas, One Network also has offices in Japan, Europe and India.