Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Sigfox to provide event logistics in Singapore

Steve Rogerson
April 17, 2018

The Sigfox network is set to improve event logistics in Singapore following a deal between Swiss logistics provider Agility and IoT company UnaBiz.
The partnership will concentrate on the digitisation of event logistics and provide enhanced tracking for exhibitors.
While general logistics requires location tracking, event logistics requires more precise tracking and monitoring. Agility will deploy a range of UnaBiz sensors and trackers with built-in environmental monitoring capabilities that provide readings on humidity and temperature, all essential for the safe movement of fine art and important features for galleries, museums, collectors and artists.
"The value of IoT in event logistics lies in real-time alerts and data,” said Priscilla Leong, COO of Agility Fairs & Events. “When we collect data on the movement of a customer's assets around the world, we will be able to better plan and predict the manpower and storage requirements at their facilities. We will also get more accurate estimates of exhibits' arrival time, which is valuable to organisers and exhibitors alike.
"We work on indoor and outdoor events, in remote areas and in connected areas, and we manage assets of shows around the world, in large-scale exhibition arenas that can span hundreds of thousands square metres with thousands of exhibits."
By using UnaBiz's Sigfox low-power wide-area network, Agility can make a variety of tracking options available. With low capital investment, low-power consumption and global coverage, these will be scalable industry-wide.
"UnaBiz is very excited to work with Agility to develop innovative solutions in global tracking and asset management based on low-power connected sensors and predictive analytics,” said Jonathan Tan, managing director of UnaBiz in Singapore. “By empowering Agility's customers to track the status of their assets anytime, anywhere, we will set a new benchmark in sensing and data analytics that will revolutionise the entire industry."
Agility Fairs & Events handles more than 8000 trade fairs, exhibitions and events annually, and provides full end-to-end fine art logistics with a global network of art-handling partners. It was the first logistics company in Asia to be ISO-certified specifically for fine art logistics.
Agility provides integrated logistics and is a publicly traded company with more than $4.6bn in revenue and more than 22,000 employees in over 500 offices across 100 countries.
UnaBiz is an end-to-end IoT company and is the the exclusive network operator of Sigfox's LPWAN in Singapore and Taiwan.
Luxury brand Louis Vuitton has released a luggage tracker that uses Sigfox technology. Exclusively available with the Louis Vuitton Horizon luggage range, it allows passengers to track their checked luggage in major airports, even while travelling between different countries.
The tracking device is the first to include Sigfox’s Monarch service. Unveiled at the World IoT Expo in September 2017, Monarch enables devices to run seamlessly in all parts of the world, by automatically recognising and adapting to the local radio-frequency’s standards.