Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Sigfox and Mouser announce global distribution agreement

Steve Rogerson
November 20, 2018

IoT services provider Sigfox is making its Sens’it Discovery product and SDR dongle available worldwide through Texas-based distributor Mouser Electronics.
Sens’it Discovery is a customisable IoT product that combines the Sens’it 3 device with the application, along with Sigfox connectivity. With battery life of up to one year depending on use and frequency of messages, the device incorporates six sensors – thermometer, hygrometer, light meter, accelerometer, magnetometer and reed switch – and a central button for multiple use cases.
The device works in any of the 53 countries and regions where Sigfox has coverage and can be configured to communicate in multiple areas with Sigfox radio configurations RC1, RC2, RC3 or RC4. Sens’it offers a dedicated software development kit, which allows developers to create their own firmware, rewrite the Sens’it behaviour and use it for their own use case. This makes Sens’it a versatile device for anyone who wants to start with the IoT.
The SDR dongle is a configurable radio receiver and transmitter that emulates the Sigfox network. The USB device works for all Sigfox RCs and provides a way for device makers to speed development and tests, working without any network coverage. Engineers can use the SDR dongle with the Sigfox device test suite.
It includes a device developer software toolkit that contains the Sigfox network emulator for testing end-to-end and bidirectional data transport services between the device and application, along with a radio signal analyser for testing radio compliance with Sigfox verified certification requirements.
Mouser Electronics has released an e-book focused on home automation as part of All Things IoT, the latest series in Mouser’s Empowering Innovation Together programme.
In the first of three e-books in the series, Mouser experts explore the engineering behind the IoT that is automating homes, offices and industry and changing the way people live. Topics include best practices in building a home automation system, intelligent lighting, and comparisons of short-range communication technologies. The All Things IoT series is sponsored by Mouser suppliers Digi, Maxim Integrated, Murata and TE Connectivity.
“We’re already witnessing the far-reaching impact of IoT in our homes, vehicles and workplaces,” said Kevin Hess, senior vice president at Mouser Electronics. “In this first All Things IoT e-book, our experts dive deep into connected technologies in our homes, examining how they make our lives easier and how design engineers will continue to improve them.”
Mouser launched the All Things IoT series with a video featuring celebrity engineer Grant Imahara. In the video, Imahara visited Gerald Kleyn from the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) IoT Innovation Lab to look into the lab’s case studies that examine how the IoT is impacting workplaces and cities as a whole.
Mouser stocks semiconductors and electronic components for new design projects.