Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

HKBN launches Sigfox IoT network in Hong Kong

Steve Rogerson
January 7, 2020

HKBN Enterprise has partnered with Thinxtra to be the first telecoms carrier in Hong Kong to launch an IoT platform based on Sigfox technology.
As part of this partnership, HKBN Enterprise has also provided connectivity support to expand the Thinxtra-operated Sigfox 0G network to achieve a population coverage of 97% in Hong Kong, making its IoT network connectivity one of the highest in the world.
As the innovator of the 0G network standard, Sigfox is a connectivity provider for IoT with a global network that connects billions of devices to the internet in more than 65 countries. Through this partnership with Thinxtra, the local Sigfox operator for Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Macau, HKBN Enterprise seeks to eliminate legacy IoT barriers and pave the way for businesses to thrive in an everything-connected world.
"We're proud to be the first telecom carrier in Hong Kong to deliver Sigfox's world-class IoT technology and applications,” said HKBN co-owner and CEO Billy Yeung. “Our work with Thinxtra will empower our customers with game-changing technology and IoT applications to significantly enhance their operational efficiency and generate new business opportunities."
Unlike conventional IoT approaches that struggle with the drawbacks of traditional networks – for example. steep pricing, high bandwidth footprint, high energy consumption, and complexity of deployment and maintenance – the 0G standard relies on a compact radio protocol as each uplink message has only up to 12byte of payload, meaning lower power consumption, low data footprint, reduced cost and more reliability, and is easier to deploy, maintain and scale. Because most IoT use cases require wireless sensors to send small data messages, Sigfox's low-energy, low-cost device-to-cloud approach makes it suitable for companies to build and expand innovation via the IoT.
"Thinxtra, as the local Sigfox operator for Hong Kong, is thrilled to work with HKBN Enterprise to enable 97% population coverage in Hong Kong, and we share HKBN Enterprise's vision of mass IoT business solutions," said Joe Sun, Thinxtra general manager for Hong Kong and Macau. “We are proud to accelerate this significant relationship with HKBN Enterprise that will open up the benefits of IoT to a broader market. The key to successful IoT mass deployment is the power to provide proven end-to-end business solutions that deliver long term value. This is exactly what this strategic partnership between Thinxtra and HKBN Enterprise delivers, reaching from connectivity to devices and supporting services.”
By leveraging Sigfox's 0G network technology, HKBN Enterprise customers from both public and private sectors will be able to unlock the potential of the IoT in a simple and cost-effective manner. These include IoT-based services that focus on energy savings such as automated lighting and air conditioning and health and safety including sanitation leakage monitoring and indoor air quality monitoring to transformative smart city technologies for city-wide intelligent waste management and public transport tracking
"We are excited to partner with HKBN Enterprise, a true innovator and pioneer of the fast growing IoT space," said Loic Barancourt, CEO of Thinxtra. “Globally, the Sigfox 0G technology is becoming the standard for mass IoT, and HKBN Enterprise is clearly positioned to lead the local Hong Kong IoT market.”
HKBN Enterprise operates the enterprise business of the HKBN group. The group is an ICT provider in Hong Kong, offering a range of services to the enterprise and residential markets, including broadband, data connectivity, managed wifi, mobile, voice communications, integrated cloud, data centre facilities, business continuity, information security, system integration and OTT entertainment. Its tri-carrier fibre network covers 2.4 million residential homes and 7200 commercial buildings and facilities across Hong Kong.