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Sigfox supports world's largest intelligent-parking service in Moscow

Iain Morris

January 28, 2014

Sigfox claims to have deployed the world’s largest intelligent-parking service in Moscow in collaboration with smart-city partner Worldsensing.

The two companies teamed up in Russia in November 2013, deploying 4,000 sensors in Moscow to support the introduction of services aimed at reducing traffic in what is one of the most congested cities in the world.
They now claim to have installed a total of 11,000 sensors across the Russian capital.

The sensors operate with Worldsensing’s (Barcelona, Spain) Fastprk intelligent parking solution, allowing users to find a parking spot via a mobile app or through electronic street panels.
The companies claim the service also facilitates “optimal management of urban parking areas” by providing details of the most frequented areas and busiest times of day.
By reducing the time it takes a motorist to find a parking space, Fastprk helps to reduce traffic density and fuel consumption.

“With Sigfox [Labege, France], FastPrk sensors no longer need any local network infrastructure, since they now connect directly to the FastPrk platform, thanks to out-of-the-box connectivity,” said Ignasi Vilajosana, chief executive of Worldsensing.
The companies are aiming to roll out more sensors in coming years to provide “continuity” for the project.

Sigfox claims to be the only cellular network operator in the world that is dedicated to providing low-bandwidth communications for connected objects.
It says its cellular-based solution allows connected devices to be completely independent of connected networks, thereby removing the installation complexity for end users.
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