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Sigfox asset tracker rolled out in New Zealand

Steve Rogerson
January 3, 2018

New Zealand ISP Wireless Nation is launching an asset locating tracker on the Sigfox network that it says could save thousands of dollars for many businesses and individuals.
The Fox Tracker is a small device that connects to the global Sigfox network being rolled out throughout New Zealand by Thinxtra.
The network is designed to enable IoT devices because it draws less energy from connected devices than traditional networks. As a result, the Fox Tracker can operate for three to four years off three AA batteries.
"This is an absolute game-changer for New Zealand," said Wireless Nation marketing manager Miro Sudzum. "Finally, there’s a low cost product in the market to locate or track personal and business assets, or even people. It’s totally wireless and waterproof so DIY installation is easy.”
The Fox Tracker fits in a person’s palm and can be attached to or put inside anything from shipping containers to vehicles, farm equipment to tramping packs.
"It makes so much sense for New Zealand because our country is one of the most mountainous so being trackable can mean the difference between life and death for people exploring the outdoors,” said Sudzum. “For businesses, knowing exactly where your shipments or fleet vehicles are can lead to better business decisions and optimisations which save thousands of dollars."
Depending on required features, it will sell in New Zealand for between $120 and $160 a unit, with a yearly subscription of less than $200.
Unlike traditional tracking hardware used in commercial vehicle fleets that require expensive components and need to be wired up, the Fox Tracker is a fully independent unit that can be deployed immediately. The units’ locations can be tracked on the Wireless Nation web site, or through iOS and Android apps.
"This truly is place-and-trace," Sudzum said. "All you do is attach or place the device and you have instant real-time tracking of your most valuable assets for an absolute fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Change the batteries every few years and you have a system which will give you peace-of-mind and data for life."