Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Clovity and Sigfox partner for high-volume asset tracking

Steve Rogerson
July 23, 2019
Silicon Valley IoT platform provider Clovity is working with Sigfox to create robust multi-band IoT services by providing low-cost, high coverage networks and devices for high-volume asset tracking.
Clovity created the CSensorNet IoT platform. With Clovity's wide ranging focus on delivering enterprise-grade IoT and digital transformation to clients in the smart city, healthcare, retail, banking, finance and technology verticals, partnering with Sigfox could be crucial in delivering the connected devices for a wide range of use cases.
The complex IoT services Clovity creates often consist of a mix of high output and low output devices. By using the right connectivity partner that can handle low band use case requirements effectively, Sigfox helps Clovity connect these low-frequency band IoT sensors. CSensorNet effectively pulls, transmits, analyses and visualises Sigfox and other frequency band's data on one platform.
Sigfox also provides connectivity over a large areas compatible with Bluetooth, GPS, 2G, 3G, 4G and wifi making them suitable for logistics, asset management and other large area coverage. By combining other IoT device networks of varying edge compute levels with Sigfox's tracking capabilities, the depth of the data can be improved.
"Many IoT use cases we are solving require a multitude of sensors and connectivity bands to build a holistic data profile,” said Clovity chief strategy officer Chris Medina. "Our partnership with Sigfox is crucial to providing the right hardware and connectivity for high-volume or dispersed assets that need to maintain connectivity and be cost effective to deploy. We look forward to working with them closely to fulfil our client's needs when it comes to low frequency, long-range connectivity."
Clovity simplifies the development, deployment, management and operations of IoT from edge to experience. Clovity brings a framework that enables IoT business intent through its CSensorNet core accelerator. The technical capabilities and the agile delivery that accompanies it enables speed to market and secure end-to-end data delivery. This interoperability reduces cost, improves user satisfaction and creates revenue streams.
"Sigfox is very excited to be partnering with smart city and enterprise IoT professional services company Clovity to deliver complex solutions including Sigfox's ever expanding network and use cases," said Richard Han, Sigfox director of IoT business development. "It is crucial that the right collaboration between companies like Clovity and Sigfox takes place in order to deliver the next generation of asset monitoring to drive customer RoI through IoT innovation."
Having one of the largest coverage areas for low-band connectivity in Europe, French company Sigfox is present in 51 of the top US metros and covers 30 per cent of the US population and more than 60 countries and regions covering a billion people globally.
By providing a wide area low frequency band, simplistic devices can ping and communicate with low energy consumption allowing years of battery life. There is no need for configuration, connection request or signalling. The devices can be up and running within minutes.