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Siemens and Trilliant partner on Mexico smart grid project

Steve Rogerson
November 23, 2016
Siemens is working with California’s Trilliant to deliver smart energy networks for distributed automation and advanced metering infrastructure for Mexico's Comision Federal de Electricidad (CFE).
The German technology company is partnering Trilliant on three projects in Mexico City and the State of Mexico. The enterprise-wide communications network includes both AMI (advanced metering infrastructure) and DA (distribution automation) elements designed to reduce energy losses, engage consumers with energy choices, and modernise the nation's power grid.
The three projects are the latest collaboration under a global partnership agreement that provides Siemens access to Trilliant’s smart communications platform which, combined with Siemens digital grid offerings, can help utilities worldwide modernise grid infrastructure and performance.
Trilliant's multi-tier network, including both wide area and near area networking (WAN and NAN), will connect the utility to 634,000 Siemens meters across seven districts of Mexico City as well as providing communications with nearly 12,900 distribution transformers across more than 1185km-circuit lines.
The enterprise-wide approach is possible on a single network because Trilliant provides diverse technologies including 5GHz secure mesh WAN, 2.4GHz secure mesh NAN, LTE, GPRS and 2.4GHz RPMA on a unifying smart communications platform. This approach streamlines management and monitoring of the AMI network and provides a platform for the addition of future applications or devices.
"Trilliant's globally compliant solution is an integral part of Siemens' offering to CFE," said Thomas Zimmermann, CEO for Siemens’ energy management division. "It provides the secure communications foundation our energy customers require to prepare for a future in which they will manage and monitor an increasing number of connected devices and applications for distribution automation, efficiency, customer engagement or load-side management."
Siemens has been active in Mexico since 1894. This project supports Mexico's modernisation of its energy infrastructure through smart grid and IoT-enabling technologies to ensure safe, reliable electricity for its growing economy. CFE says it "aims to diminish technical and non-technical losses associated to the lack of measurement of electric power consumption, as well as the lack of maintenance and modernisation of distribution networks".
Andy White, Trilliant chairman and CEO, added: "It's been a privilege to partner with Siemens in our common vision to equip energy providers worldwide with the communications foundation to meet the energy needs of the future."

Trilliant has connected more than four million devices including gas meters, electric meters and in-home displays as part of British Gas' smart meter rollout.