Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Sierra Wireless uses IoT to help Annexia with asset tracking

Steve Rogerson
April 16, 2019

Annexia, a specialist in low-power asset tracking devices, has chosen fellow Canadian company Sierra Wireless’ smart IoT connectivity for global deployment of its NStar asset tracking and management product.
“Knowing the location and status of cargo in transit is key to ensuring that shipments arrive in the right place, at the right time and in good condition,” said Kim Lim, co-founder of Annexia. “Our data show that every one per cent improvement in asset utilisation generates an additional $1200 in revenue annually, per unit, from more efficient fleet operations, planning and inventory management. Sierra Wireless’ IoT services enabled us to turn traditional equipment into connected, data-rich transportation assets that generate additional revenue for our customers, as well as deploy our solution globally without having to manage multiple carrier agreements.”
Reliable access to real-time information about asset location and status is critical for logistics and shipping companies. Disruptions can have serious impacts on customer satisfaction and a company’s bottom line if deliveries are delayed or dispatch is inefficient.
However, tracking intermodal assets as they are transferred from lorry to plane to train can be a challenge, particularly because of the harsh environments these assets are exposed to and the lack of access to a permanent power source.
Using Sierra Wireless’ smart IoT connectivity, Annexia is helping companies overcome this by enabling them to convert existing container chassis and trailers into smart transportation assets. 
“Annexia chose Sierra Wireless because no other IoT player is able to provide the same in-depth understanding of asset tracking applications,” said Marc Overton, chief solutions officer at Sierra Wireless. “By working with Sierra Wireless to transform traditional assets, Annexia was able to create new revenue opportunities and provide their customers with meaningful data and an improved service.”
Annexia’s offering couples a web-based asset management platform with the company’s NStar technology to take the guesswork out of shipping. Users have access to real-time asset location and inventory data, equipment use rates, and vehicle idling, mileage and trip reports.
Optional add-on sensors provide data on vehicle status, including weight detection and ABS monitoring. Installed onto any chassis or trailer in just a few minutes, NStar allows logistics and shipping companies to track assets from the production plant to their final destination.
NStar is connected using Sierra Wireless' smart IoT connectivity, so users cab take advantage of data collected at the edge and deliver actionable insights to their customers. With Sierra Wireless’ offering, Annexia can deploy almost anywhere in the world.