Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

SAS and Siemens partner on IoT analytics

Steve Rogerson
April 4, 2019
Siemens and SAS have announced a partnership that will help companies create IoT edge and cloud-enabled services by applying SAS and open source streaming analytics through Siemens' MindSphere.
Users will gain access to SAS predictive analytics in MindSphere, which can accelerate the adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in IoT environments.
Increasing productivity and reducing operational risk through predictive and prescriptive maintenance and optimised asset performance management are some of the ways this could benefit those working in a range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, energy, utilities, smart cities, transportation and automotive.
Siemens and SAS will collaborate to engage with new and existing customers and, beginning with streaming analytics, enable near-real-time embedded AI for IoT devices at the edge. The partners expect this to be generally available later this year.
"SAS is a recognised world-leader in advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence," said Stephen Bashada, executive vice president at Siemens. “We are excited to leverage their analytics in MindSphere. The combination of Siemens' deep industrial domain knowledge with SAS's deep analytics knowledge is a powerful step forward for IoT."
By intuitively applying AI and operationalising its potential at scale, the partnership can drive an end-to-end framework for users. Companies using both SAS and MindSphere will be able to port and deploy previously developed SAS models natively into MindSphere while new users will gain access to analytics capabilities.
"Siemens' pedigree in innovative operational assets, software and processes is unmatched," said Jason Mann, vice president at SAS. “Their commitment to digitising the world's industries provides a unique platform for IoT to realise its full potential through AI. Our partnership can accelerate adopting the transformative value of IoT for our customers."
MindSphere is a cloud-based, open IoT operating system that connects real things to the digital world through open connectivity. It enables industry applications and digital services, and enables a partner ecosystem to develop and deliver applications providing a basis for new business models.
With its APIs, MindSphere applications can be quickly and easily developed by Siemens, its partners, or directly by customers. In combination with Siemens' approach to holistic digital twins, companies can leverage MindSphere to close the loop through product ideation, realisation and use to integrate IoT data seamlessly throughout the value chain, driving operational efficiency and innovation.
SAS AI and IoT technologies support diverse environments and scale to meet changing business needs for IoT data at the edge or in the cloud, in motion or at rest. With SAS IoT analytics, business and technologists can understand machine operational and behavioural patterns, develop fast and accurate predictions, and make decisions with more confidence while reducing data movement, latency and storage costs.
SAS analytics algorithms capture and analyse large amounts of data gathered from industrial control systems and converge IT and OT worlds by using derived actionable insights to drive intelligent operational and business processes. SAS's investment in IoT analytic open source compatibility allows data scientists to code in their language(s) of choice while relying on the resiliency and scalability of SAS. By changing the way IT and OT handle data and extract insights, users can see patterns and trends they would never have seen otherwise.
Siemens has announced that MindSphere is available on Alibaba Cloud to foster the industrial IoT in China. The announcement delivers on the promise made in last year's memo of understanding signed by Siemens and Alibaba Cloud leadership under the witness of German chancellor Angela Merkel and Chinese premier Li Keqiang.