Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Cisco helps DB Schenker bring IoT to logistics

Steve Rogerson
February 13, 2018

DB Schenker and Cisco are collaborating to change the face of the logistics industry by developing, testing and implementing various applications around the IoT and other technologies.
Digitisation can change the way companies move, store and secure goods around the world. DB Schenker and Cisco believe the changes in transportation, warehousing, customs and last kilometre delivery are massive, pervasive and are already altering the way both companies do business worldwide.
The teams have joined forces to examine technologies that unleash opportunities to optimise warehouse and transportation processes. A joint innovation lab is open and set up in DB Schenker’s warehouse in Houston, Texas, to test and commercialise technologies for logistics. These include:

  • Sensor-based services;
  • Real-time location;
  • Robotics and automation;
  • Smart devices;
  • Video analytics;
  • Augmented reality;
  • Energy and asset management; and
  • Facial recognition.
The applications are being developed by both Cisco and DB Schenker. Following entry into the innovation lab, applications and products are tested by DB Schenker employees in a warehouse environment. During the trial phase, the team assesses technical feasibility and the value proposition within a warehousing and supply chain environment. 
”We’re thrilled at the collaboration between DB Schenker and Cisco on IoT and digitisation for logistics,” said Tom Schmitt, chief commercial officer at DB Schenker. “We have developed many technologies together that we think are ground-breaking for the industry. The work in the innovation lab has allowed us to determine how certain new technologies can be developed to change the way we do logistics and supply chain dramatically.”
He said DB Schenker had a thorough understanding of the complex requirements for innovative logistics.
“With our expertise and strong commitment, we are supporting Cisco in shaping the future of logistics,” he said.
According to Jack Allen, senior director at Cisco Global Logistics, Cisco aspires to change the logistics industry.
“The roots of the technology in the logistics industry date back as far as 700 years,” said Allen. “We believe that by applying many of the concepts of digitisation in the internet age, we can make that transformation happen. We're excited about working with the best companies in the world, like Schenker, to truly change the way we move and store goods globally. These kinds of collaborations will allow us to dramatically improve the way we do logistics and, we hope, will allow us to improve logistics around the world.”