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Shell buys NewMotion to boost EV charging portfolio

Steve Rogerson
October 25, 2017

Oil and gas giant Shell is to buy NewMotion, one of Europe’s largest electric vehicle charging providers, in a deal that will enable both companies to accelerate the transition to low-carbon transport.
NewMotion will remain focused on accelerating its mission in Europe by delivering more innovative smart-charging to homes, businesses and public parking spaces. The acquisition will help NewMotion enhance its electric vehicle (EV) charging services turning more parking spaces into charging stations as well as improving users charging experience across Europe.
“We are very pleased to have such a strong investor that fully supports our mission, enabling us to further expand across Europe at a time when the transition to electric vehicles is gathering pace,” said Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion. “We are excited that our on-going mission and belief in a transition towards less-polluting transport source has been endorsed so strongly by Shell, one of the world’s leading energy companies.”
NewMotion operates more than 30,000 private electric charge points for homes and businesses in the Netherlands, Germany, France and UK. It also provides access to a network of more than 50,000 public charge points across 25 European countries, serving more than 100,000 registered charge cards.
“This announcement is an early step towards ensuring customers can access a range of refuelling choices over the coming decades, as new technologies evolve to co-exist with traditional transport fuels,” said Matthew Tipper, Shell’s vice president for new fuels. “This move provides customers the flexibility to charge their electric vehicles at home, work and on the go. When you add this customer offer to our current roll out of fast charging points on Shell forecourts, we believe we are developing the full raft of charge solutions required to support the future of EVs.”
NewMotion will continue business as usual as a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell.
NewMotion and Shell will use the synergies and opportunities that this deal provides to develop and enhance the services and products NewMotion offers existing and future EV drivers. NewMotion has been active in the market since 2009.
Shell last week opened its first EV charging points at three UK forecourts in London, Surrey and Derby. The service, called Shell Recharge, can charge most electric vehicles in around 30 minutes.
“We’re delighted to offer rapid electric charging on the forecourt for the first time,” said Sinead Lynch, Shell UK country chair. “Shell Recharge will provide EV drivers in these areas with a convenient and subscription-free charging service. Our aim is to have recharging points at ten forecourts by the end of the year. More broadly, this opening is part of our wider commitment to help deliver a low-carbon UK, by offering drivers a range of fuels as new technologies evolve to co-exist with traditional transport fuels.”
Earlier this year, Shell opened its first UK hydrogen refuelling station in Cobham, Surrey, with the second due to open in Beaconsfield. Just like electric battery cars, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles can help to reduce carbon emissions while addressing air pollution.