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Sharjah Airport updates cargo handling to enable real-time shipment information

Steve Rogerson
December 3, 2015
Sharjah Airport in the UAE is deploying a next-generation cargo handling system that will provide real-time shipment information and improve the cargo operations, as well as enable transparency in the full range of services.
The system is being installed by Indian company Cargoflash Infotech
The Cargoflash nGen-CMS suite covers all the business modules including operations, warehouse, revenue accounting, staff roster, workflow and doors management. It will replace Sharjah Airport’s legacy system and support the management and operations teams not only on running the daily operations, but also providing business intelligence and a whole array of elements that should bring Sharjah and it’s airfreight industry closer to reaching its e-freight and operational goals.
“We selected Cargoflash Infotech as our partner to install nGen-CMS because it is the best product to meet our requirements,” said Mohammad Al Zaghlawan, general manager for Sharjah Aviation Services (SAS). “Cargoflash Infotech brings not only the necessary experience but also an impressive track record within the industry in terms of quality and timely delivery and this is crucial to us as we transform our business to be the boutique airport and cargo handling agent of choice in the region.”
The system will provide real-time information about cargo flows at any time of the day and improve facilities’ use, while increasing the visibility and efficiency with regards to operations, planning and reporting procedures.
“We have committed to a continuous investment and modernisation programme that will enable SAS to stay competitive in the 21st century and to confirm our position spearheading innovation and new business models in the region,” said Gonzalo Jacob, head of cargo at Sharjah Aviation Services. “NGen-CMS will boost our individual service offering to our clients and support us in handling our growing specialised cargo volumes as well as to deliver operational and trading excellence.”
Rahim Bhimani, CEO of Cargoflash Infotech, added: “We welcome Sharjah Aviation Services to the Cargoflash family and are excited to have formed this new partnership. We look forward to working closely and contributing to SAS’s growth. I believe a combination of SAS’s industry experience and Cargoflash’s technology expertise will provide world class services to the UAE cargo community, especially in Sharjah. There are some advance features being introduced into the system which will enhance system capabilities.”
NGen-CMS will be installed during the first half of 2016, after a training programme and detail adaptation have been completed.
SAS is the sole ground handling agent at Sharjah Airport, and one of the largest air service providers in the region, offering ground, passenger, cargo handling and distribution to all clients operating from Sharjah, online and offline.