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Sepa catalogue lists smart grid test programmes

Steve Rogerson
March 24, 2020
The US Smart Electric Power Alliance (Sepa) has produced a user-friendly catalogue of smart grid standards that have a supporting test programme.
The Sepa catalogue provides a consolidated source of information about smart grid standards that have available or certified conformance testing from independent test labs and providers.
Developed primarily for utility procurement staff, manufacturers, test labs, regulators and other energy service providers, the catalogue aims to raise awareness of and facilitate the development of standards testing and certification for smart grid interoperability.
A culmination of years of expert convening by the Sepa Testing & Certification Working Group, the catalogue initially includes eight test programmes that certify more than 44 national and international smart grid device standards.
This project is funded by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (Nist), as are other interoperability-focused projects at Sepa, including the convening of the Sepa Interoperability Profile Task Force, and the publication of Sepa’s catalogue of standards.
“Standards are the necessary first step towards interoperability,” said Aaron Smallwood, vice president for industry at Sepa. “The new Sepa catalogue of test programmes, in combination with the Sepa catalogue of standards, together provide valuable industry information about the maturity of smart grid standards and test programmes. These tools equip industry stakeholders with objective information to guide their decision making.”