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Senet enables LoRaWan AMI for water across USA

Steve Rogerson
May 6, 2020
New Hampshire-based LoRaWan firm Senet says it has established a leadership position in enabling advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for water supplies across the USA.
Senet provides cloud-based software and services platforms that enable global connectivity and on-demand network build-outs for the IoT. It has announced “significant progress” in designing, constructing and operating smart meter networks for municipal water utility districts across North America.
And over the past two years, it has designed LoRaWans for water metering and AMI projects representing millions of households.
The demand for water has increased significantly due to rapid urbanisation, increasing population, climate change and, most recently, the need for employee and community safety due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, governments and municipalities are developing strategic water management frameworks and strategies for long-term water resource management and operational safety.
These dynamics and resulting policy initiatives are driving water utilities to modernise aging water and wastewater infrastructure to reduce water losses and deliver water metering and management services.
For metering and infrastructure monitoring applications – most of which have relatively low data payloads and seldom require high bandwidth – LoRaWans offer the range, propagation characteristics, extended meter battery life, ease of deployment and cost profile the water industry requires. Providing long-term investment protection, water AMI is also supported by the ten to fifteen year in-field lifespan of LoRaWan meters, compared with the typical three to five year refresh cycle of 3G, 4G, NB-IoT and 5G cellular products and services.
“Our network-as-service offering and other flexible network deployment models enable meter manufacturers and AMI providers to facilitate the modernisation of the water delivery infrastructure and deliver cost saving and new services to their customers through enhanced distribution and consumption data,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO at Senet. “Through a combination of advanced metering technology and cloud-based network management offered by Senet and our metering partners, utilities can focus on their core business and recognise the full value of AMI without the operational burden of building and maintaining the system infrastructure.”
In addition to supporting water AMI initiatives, Senet’s LoRaWans are serving as platforms for creating new opportunities for multi-utility service providers and municipalities as they explore water and gas metering, safety, energy management and sustainability use cases. These opportunities are driving business initiatives with system integrators, energy service companies, smart city consultants and system providers looking to engage in this fast-growing market.
Delivering additional value, these densely deployed, public LoRaWans are available to support other IoT applications as municipalities evolve their service delivery and smart city strategies. Environmental monitoring, smart streetlights, smart parking and smart waste collection can all be connected to Senet’s LoRaWans, initially deployed for AMI.
The firm’s network design services provide an easy way for providers and utilities to get started. Services include site selection, RF propagation planning, spectrum analysis, and network construction and installation. An AMI network planning request can be initiated directly form the Senet web site.
Senet develops cloud-based software and services used by network operators, application developers and system integrators for the on-demand deployment of IoT networks. In addition to industrial and commercial applications, Senet has designed smart meter networks for many municipal water utility districts across North America, representing millions of households. The company offers technology in over eighty countries and owns and operates what it says is the largest publicly available LoRaWan in North America.