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Telemedicine app from Seniors Wireless targets over 55s

Steve Rogerson
March 31, 2015
Seniors Wireless, a subsidiary of mobile virtual network operator Emveno, has launched what it claims to be the first combined mobile and telemedicine service in the US specifically for the over-55 age group.
The mobile service uses Telemed Assist, which provides seniors unlimited, direct access to board-certified doctors via phone or video, for any reason, anytime and anywhere. The Florida-based company also offers contract-free wireless plans that include a range of data, unlimited voice calling and text options.
For one dollar per day, Telemed Assist provides seniors unlimited access to board-certified doctors round-the-clock. Members can use any landline, mobile phone or wireless service to either speak or videoconference directly with qualified medical practitioners, allowing them to evaluate, refer and prescribe on the spot.
"Seniors Wireless offers real peace-of-mind for seniors and their families," said Seniors Wireless president Richard Sfeir. “For anything from a suspected sprain while on vacation, or a fever after spending time with the grandkids, Telemed Assist is there to provide direct access to a board-certified doctor who can help, at the touch of a mobile phone. My 97-year old father-in-law is a Telemed Assist customer, and I can vouch for the fact that the service has given great comfort to our family knowing he has unlimited access to a doctor at any time."
Besides the phone-based doctor access, the service also provides apps for seniors such as medication reminders, medication refills and emergency alerting to family or emergency personnel for assistance. The app services will continue to expand and will be further enhanced by the introduction of Apple Watch and other wearables.
To access the service, members can simply click a button on the Seniors Wireless app or call directly. An agent will respond and connect the caller to a certified medical doctor within two minutes, guaranteed. Members can request assistance as many times as they like and call duration is not limited. The cost is $1 per day, based on a 30-day subscription.
"As the largest generation in US history, baby boomers represent a significant group that deserves access to great value wireless plans along with immediate medical attention when and where they need it," said Seniors Wireless founder and CEO Zaccariah Swindells. "We don't believe in contracts or commitments. The only commitment is from Seniors Wireless to provide the best value wireless plans possible to our members with access to the latest technology."