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Yuan picks Semtech for software-defined video

Steve Rogerson
June 10, 2020

Taiwanese audio-visual company Yuan High-Tech Development has integrated Semtech’s BlueRiver technology into its software-defined video over Ethernet (SDVoE)-enabled video cameras.
Yuan makes AV products for the digital home, broadcasting and surveillance markets. The products built on the BlueRiver AVP series ASIC provide capture and transmission of 4K60 4:4:4 SDVoE-compliant video with near zero latency to multiple destinations over standard Ethernet networks.
“Semtech’s BlueRiver AVP series small form factor and low power consumption enables a new category of end product,” said Wendy Lin, director of US sales at Yuan. “Integrating the new ASIC allowed Yuan to create the new SDVoE-based video cameras that feature an attractively compact size and leverage BlueRiver’s advantages for ultra-low latency and 4K signal transmission.”
The camera uses SDVoE-based AV networking to transmit high quality video over off-the-shelf Ethernet switches and cabling. This enables simplified product setup and simultaneous transmission of video signals to multiple destinations. End users are no longer confined to traditional point-to-point transmission. The BlueRiver-based camera is an extension to the SDVoE product portfolio for applications, such as e-sports, requiring high-quality video and zero latency transmission.
“Yuan’s advanced video camera is further evidence of the strong and continuous growth of the SDVoE ecosystem,” said Don Shaver, vice president at California-based Semtech. “The list of BlueRiver-enabled end products has expanded well beyond traditional categories to include 4K cameras, PC graphics cards, Ethernet switch modules and wall plates, among others. These products address market needs and offer the advantages of interoperability with shared standards, low power and a flexibility in implementation desired by today’s leading integrators.”
Semtech has added to its RClamp platform. The RClamp 3371ZC exceeds industry immunity standards for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection while only presenting 250fF of maximum loading capacitance. Engineered as a low clamping, low capacitance transient voltage suppression (TVS) device, it is suitable for safeguarding high-speed interfaces, such as USB type-C, from common ESD threats.