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OrionM2M integrates Semtech LoRa into smart meters

Steve Rogerson
March 5, 2019

OrionM2M, a Kazakhstani developer and manufacturer of LoRaWan-based wireless data transmission systems for the IoT, has integrated Semtech’s LoRa technology into its smart meters to monitor water, gas and electricity usage data, as well as smart lighting enabling the smooth transition from conventional lighting.
"Metering featuring Semtech’s LoRa technology offers the customer reliability and clear benefits unique to the technology," said Denis Fedorov, CEO at OrionM2M. "Our meters leverage LoRa technology to eliminate human error in data collection with direct, real-time uploads to the cloud for analysis. These metering solutions are highly scalable by the number of devices, meaning utility providers can easily grow or expand their networks."
The OrionMeter smart meters and OrionLighting luminaire controllers use embedded LoRa technology to connect to the cloud via public LoRaWan-based networks and Orion gateways. LoRa technology is suited to handling the complex problems of smart metering, smart city connectivity and smart lighting, offering connectivity up to 15km in open terrain, and deep indoor penetration in cities.
Reliable data transmission from the LoRa-connected meters and luminaire controllers allow utility companies access to consumer usage data and trends without needing to check each device manually. Reliability reduces overhead cost and creates a more efficient system of utility and city light management.
OrionM2M’s LoRa-powered products are said to bring operations management and service reliability, with up to 30% reduction of technical losses, higher SLA and more accurate billing.
“Semtech’s LoRa technology enables highly scalable network capabilities and interoperable sensors making it the solution of choice for smart metering applications,” said Vivek Mohan, director of IoT for Semtech. “OrionM2M’s IoT solutions increase efficiencies in management and limit human error in order to improve operations management. As more cities move towards smarter, sustainable and reliable LoRa-based solutions for meters and lamps, companies such as Orion are well positioned to be early leaders in this space.”
OrionM2M is a fully integrated turnkey internet provider and a manufacturer of a full range of hardware and software for LoRaWans. It develops all products in-house according to the specifications of the LoRa Alliance. The software and hardware can be used on any LoRaWan-based network.