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Chinese water meter maker adopts Semtech LoRa technology

Steve Rogerson
July 16, 2019

Chinese intelligent water service provider Hangzhou Water Meter (HWM) has incorporated Semtech’s LoRa devices and protocol into its smart water metering products helping public utility companies improve efficiency and reduce management costs.
“Semtech’s LoRa devices are an ideal IoT platform for smarter metering with easy to deploy, long range and flexible capabilities,” said Jian Liu, general manager of HWM. “Our LoRa-based water metering allows our water supply customers to reduce operating costs, improve the efficiency of meter reading management and save water resources.”
By the end of 2019, HWM’s LoRa-based water metering will be deployed in 72 residential districts in Hangzhou. It is expected to deploy 80 gateway devices and tens of thousands of intelligent water meter terminals. Currently, hundreds of thousands of LoRa-based water meters by HWM have been deployed in Zhejiang, Anhui, Hunan, Sichuan and other regions of China to help water supply customers transform to intelligent public utilities management.
The remote water metering combines IoT smart metering and gateways. The LoRa-enabled water meter can access a LoRa network to communicate, data transmit and provide alerts. With the low power consumption and long range, these products can help end customers reduce costs and achieve smart, high efficiency public utilities management.
“Semtech’s LoRa devices are the DNA (devices, networks and applications) of IoT and the long range, low power capabilities are advantages in the utilities industries,” said Marc Pegulu, vice president of IoT for Semtech. “LoRa is an established leader in the smart metering industry, creating scalable, secure and reliable solutions to help our customers deliver more efficient metering to reduce waste and utility spending.”
HWM is a water meter manufacturer in China that focuses on smart water utility equipment design, research and manufacture. It has hundreds of proprietary intellectual property rights. French company Vivendi and more than 500 water supply companies in China have used HWM products.