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Goldcard opts for Semtech LoRa technology in gas meters

Steve Rogerson
May 21, 2019

Goldcard Smart Group, a Chinese provider of smart public utility products, has incorporated Semtech’s LoRa technology into its smart gas meters to help public utility companies improve efficiency and reduce management costs.
“Goldcard chose Semtech’s LoRa technology due to its unique advantages for smart utilities, ability to simplify deployment and accelerate products to market,” said Ma Libo, product director at Goldcard. “Since implementing LoRa technology into our smart gas meters, utility providers have seen a marked reduction of waste with an estimated up to 25% in savings. As a global leader in smart gas meters with the largest market share in China’s gas metering market, Goldcard is committed to providing for gas companies to achieve successful and efficient operational management.”
Goldcard's LoRa-based smart gas meters are equipped with an intelligent controller and LoRaWan-based communications module. The meter uses LoRa technology’s long-range platform to connect to the cloud and monitor gas consumption data, battery charge status and valve status.
Data from the meter are accessible from Goldcard’s cloud-based connection management platform, which parses the data packet, completes the settlement and forwards the accurate information to the utility provider for more efficient billing. Goldcard’s LoRa-based products are available for public utilities management in China and abroad.
“Semtech’s LoRa technology is ideally suited to the smart meter industry, providing long range, easy-to-deploy and flexible capabilities,” said Marc Pegulu, vice president of IoT in Semtech’s wireless and sensing products group. “LoRa technology is a proven leader in the smart metering application industry, creating scalable, secure and reliable solutions to help companies like Goldcard better create more efficient meters to reduce waste and utility spending.”
As a provider of intelligent public utility products, Goldcard has used LoRa technology for smart utility management since 2014. Goldcard has long-term strategic cooperation with major Chinese and overseas gas companies, such as China's Guizhou Gas, Honghua Gas and Kunlun Gas. In recent years, Goldcard has worked to develop its overseas smart utility market, and promote the global growth of LoRa-based smart metering.