Proving the Business Case for the Internet of Things

Semtech and Digimondo offer smart utilities starter pack

Steve Rogerson
October 15, 2019

California-based Semtech worked with German IoT software company Digimondo to develop an end-to-end smart utilities starter package based on LoRa technology.
The end-to-end-system simplifies the deployment and operation of a LoRaWan and gives municipal utilities insight into how products developed to the LoRaWan standard could benefit their utility processes and applications.
“Semtech’s LoRa devices and the LoRaWan protocol deliver a comprehensive platform for streamlining the development of IoT,” said Christopher Rath, CEO of Digimondo. “Digimondo’s smart utilities starter package provides customers the software, hardware and experience necessary to create smart utility networks that offer real advantages for efficiency and cost savings. This gives customers everything they need to quickly deploy proven LoRa-based smart utility applications without needing extensive prior experience with IoT technologies.”
Richard Mastenbroek, board member of German energy supplier Stadtwerke Kaiserslautern, added: “We operate our own LoRaWan infrastructure with the LoRaWan protocol and Digimondo’s smart utilities starter package. The package lays the foundations for the digitisation of our city and the optimisation of internal processes. The city’s new LoRaWan-based infrastructure will be offered to citizens, businesses and other city groups in the upcoming years.”
A major challenge for all municipal utilities is the digitisation of their processes, which is a radical change in the history of municipal utilities. Municipal utilities need to transform utility operations digitally and deliver quick results without great effort or expense.
The Digimondo starter package delivers this for the local municipalities. The package includes licences for Digimondo’s software, the Firefly LoRaWan-based network server and the Niota data hub, training for employees, support, several devices, and LoRa-based gateways. The applications are deployed within a few weeks.
“Digimondo’s starter package enables customers to focus on creating effective smart utilities applications that offer their business a clear return on investment,” said Marc Pegulu, vice president at Semtech. “With a simplified end-to-end smart utilities package, customers are able to gain tangible experience with LoRa devices and IoT, accelerating the growth of smart metering and the adoption of the LoRaWan protocol.”
Semtech and Digimondo demonstrated the technology at last week’s Metering Days event in in Fulda, Germany.