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Seldat RFID technology targets 3PL warehouses

Steve Rogerson
March 27, 2018

Seldat Technology Services has introduced an RFID system for third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse management. This is an extension of the New Jersey firm’s RFID technologies used globally in warehouses handling food and beverage, automotive, and consumer packaged goods.
The in-house team of supply chain experts analysed the traditional problems associated with introducing RFID automation to 3PL warehouses. Challenges included incompatible hardware and software within existing operations, operational issues across RFID products from different vendors, and interference from other tracking systems. Warehouse assets often required intensive modifications to accommodate RFID technologies physically and digitally.
This led the company to develop its own RFID readers, scanners, gateways and other equipment. They use middleware pre-configured and integrated with Seldat’s WMS360 warehouse management system. The resilient hardware is built for complex, high-volume 3PL processes and environments. And the company has hardware tools that can be retrofitted to existing equipment, such as forklifts, conveyor belts and racking systems.
The RFID system can handle automated data capture and analysis in real time. It provides complete, accurate visibility and traceability within and beyond the warehouse as well as real-time location and inventory management. It allows strategic planning with business intelligence.
Seldat claims it can lead to 45 to 55% cost savings compared with related RFID implementation options in the market.
"As a global leader in technology-driven supply chain, we're proud to introduce an RFID solution that promotes complete visibility, traceability and significant cost savings for third party logistics providers worldwide,” said Chacko Verghese, Seldat’s global chief technology officer.
Headquartered in New Jersey with offices in Canada, Israel and Vietnam, Seldat Technology Services has more than 250 employees.