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SEI launches reference design for smart grid controller

Steve Rogerson
September 9, 2015
Smart Energy Instruments (SEI), a Canadian precision measurement technologies company for industrial IoT applications, announced last week at the World Smart Energy Week in Japan a smart grid universal controller reference design.
This means OEMs can build a single intelligent electronic design (IED) with multiple functions that delivers precision and accuracy to measure and communicate current, voltage and power quality characteristics. Together with SEI's patent-pending time synchronisation technology, the universal controller should provide operators with grid visibility. 
By making minor hardware modifications, OEMs can also offer a family of high-performance IEDs, such as a phasor management unit, power quality meter, faulted circuit indicator, wide area monitoring system and advanced protection relay, all with common parts that will lower the cost.
The reference design is based on the SGS1010A analogue front end and SGS1010D system on chip, with two central processing unit cores and 16 digital signal processors. SEI's DASLRtechnology is incorporated into the chipset, providing large-spectrum dynamic response, accuracy, high-speed processing, low-latency and resolution, all of which are essential attributes of IEDs. A full suite of software libraries, example applications and an embedded real-time operating system are also available for OEMs to integrate into their products.
"The industry has needed a new approach to IED development for some time", said SEI CEO Jeff Dionne. "Incumbent brands are now able to deliver superior functionality at a much lower cost and new market entrants can provide innovative solutions in response to new requirements, such as renewable energy mandates. This is an exciting time to be in the grid automation market."
SEI can provide field applications engineering services and design-in consultation for its SGS1010A, SGS101D and universal controller reference design.
The fabless semiconductor manufacturer focuses on delivering precision measurement technologies for grids. It is based in Toronto, with offices in Tokyo, Germany and Silicon Valley.